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Issue 39 March 25 2006
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  • Iran: first stop to establish democracy in the Middle East
  • Iran wants to dominate Mid-East nations
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  • Apparently, the talks between the US and the Iranians are to go ahead.

    While there is not a set date as of yet, the two sides are sort of beefing up for the meeting.

    Washington accuses Tehran of fomenting Shi’ite violence in Iraq. Tehran denies the charge and blames the sectarian strife on the invasion and occupation by U.S.-led forces.

    “Iranian agents train and arm Shiite militias such as the Mahdi Army, linked to one of Iraq’s most powerful clerics,” Khalilzad said, “and work closely with Sunni Arab-led insurgent forces including Ansar al-Sunna, blamed for dozens of deadly attacks on Iraqi and American soldiers and Shiite civilians.”


    The calls by Iran for dialogue over Iraq coincided with deliberations by the U.N. Security Council, of which the United States is a permanent member, over possible actions against Iran for its controversial nuclear program.

    At the United Nations Security Council Britain, France and the United States are trying to win Russian and Chinese support for a statement pressing Iran to end uranium enrichment.

    Although I hope for the best but please allow me to say here that Iran uses these talks just to stall action against itself for just a bit longer as long as possible.


    Iran: first stop to establish democracy in the Middle East

    Nima Sharif

    In the past few weeks, many European and American officials have acknowledged that the path to a free Middle East passes through Tehran. In another words, the only way to see peace and freedom prevail in the Middle East and especially in Iraq, is to see a democratic government taking power in Iran.

    Although the Iranian people have been saying this for the past 3 years while being pretty much ignored by the Westerners but coming to this conclusion is by itself a sign of reaching a new and deeper understanding of the region by Western leaders.

    Before the war in Iraq, Americans believed that they could some how get along with the Iranians as the biggest neighbor to that country. To be sure, the US, through diplomatic channels, officially asked the Iranians not to meddle in the war and for the duration of the operations and they did actually succeed to keep them out. Later on, it turned out that the Americans had actually met with the Iranians a few times in Europe to discuss the matter.

    Iran wants to dominate Mid-East nations

    Stop Fundamentalism – A top ranking official of Iranian regime admitted a nuclear Iran would be able to “dominate 17 Muslim countries” in the Middle East.

    “The West believes that if we master nuclear technology, we will be transformed into a regional superpower and will dominate 17 Muslim countries in this neighborhood”, Mohsen Rezai, the secretary general of the State Expediency Council, told the paramilitary Bassij forces in the south-western city of Masjid Soleiman on Friday, according to the news agency IRNA.


    Major General Rezai, who for years headed Iran’s elite Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps and is close to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, said that the West was trying to prevent Tehran from making industrial and technological progress.

    “We have reached a very important stage and we need to pay a price for making Iran powerful,” Rezai said.

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