November 15 2005

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November 2005

Hello and welcome.

As some of you may already know, producing a newsletter has been on our agenda for some time.

Well, after many weeks of trial and error and running into many difficulties, including finding the right tools for the task, here it is.

We are currently planning on producing this newsletter at lease twice a week.

We would like to welcome all of our friends and invite every one to participate.

Please do send us your comments to [email protected].

In this issue

  • Music: Hope Soldier
  • Baghdad Lockup
  • Signing up “volunteers” for suicide attacks
  • Iran-Terrorism: Combat terrorism rooted in fundamentalism at its heart, Iran – Paris seminar
  • Baghdad Lockup

    Iraq prison – As we have been communicating to our readers, Iranian Mullahs use any immoral and inhuman practice to create a chaotic situation in Iraq. They understand very well that a stable and even partially democratic Iraq would completely put their existence in jeopardy.

    The Iraqi Interior Ministry story that has surfaced during the past few days is just one sample of such activities.

    According to news media, Sunday night November 13th, U.S. and Iraqi troops raided an Interior Ministry administrative building near Baghdad, looking for a missing 14 year old boy.

    Surprisingly, they found a detention facility, with 173 malnourished, severely tortured and some paralyzed prisoners inside.

    There has been growing concerns in recent weeks regarding Shiite militia presence in the Iraqi police force and persistent allegations of abuses and suspicious deaths.

    Some scores of bodies have been discovered in Baghdad and elsewhere around Iraq recently, handcuffed, blindfolded and shot through the head.

    Relatives of the dead often say that the last time they saw their loved ones; they were being led away by Iraqi police officers.

    Discoveries also revealed that the ministry compound was a center for police officers affiliated with the Badr Brigade, a Shiite Muslim militia.

    The Badr Brigade, are financed and run by neighboring Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards.

    Signing up “volunteers” for suicide attacks

    Regisration – Mullahs in Iran have no shame to announce their terrorist activities. For the past few months they have been openly threatening the world with suicide bombings and such activities.

    One such activity was the registration campaign for suicide bombers that was reported by Mehr news agency.

    According to Mehr news agency which is run by the office of Supreme Leader, fifty thousand have signed up for “martyrdom-seeking operations.” The report also adds that 1,000 have already been organised into operational units.

    Iran-Terrorism: Combat terrorism rooted in fundamentalism at its heart, Iran – Paris seminar

    paris seminar

    Wednesday, 16 November 2005 – On the initiative of the International Center for Research on Terrorism and aid to victims of terrorism, several experts on terrorism from the United States, Russia, France and Algeria participated in a seminar in Paris. Entitled “Terrorism, Fundamentalism, Prospects and Solutions,” the meeting was to discuss the roots of this dangerous phenomenon with particular reference to the Iranian regime. FOH members and supporter proudly participated in this seminar.

    Music: Hope Soldier
    Hope Soldiers - Helena - Music title

    Young Iranian Artist Helena (11 years old) Sings for hope.

    Listen to the song on our website.

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