November 24 2005

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Third Issue November 24 2005
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  • Iraqi jails, Iranian supervision
  • FOH invites you to join the Protest in Vienna

  • Signing the petition on our website, one of our friends writes:

    “I understand that other countries have different ideas about justice and different cultures follow different views, but cruel and inhuman punishment is wrong no matter what planet you live on or whose rules you follow!”

    True. Human values and basic rights are common sense, no matter where you are.

    Dictators and rogue governments try to use cultural differences to justify their wrong doings. The world community should not fall into this trap.

    Those who use culture, religion and particularly God as an excuse for their actions against humanity, know nothing about those subjects.


    Iraqi jails, Iranian supervision

    Iraqi Interior Ministry runs six secret jails under Iranian supervision, a regional television network, Al- Arabia, reported Saturday.

    Montazer Sameraee, former high ranking officer of Iraqi special forces in the interior ministry told Al- Arabia that interior ministry has a secret force.

    These forces have arrested many people in different parts of the country and transferred them to the ministry. The families unable to find their loved ones in any detention facility would receive information about their body being found in streets.

    “All arrests are done without any court orders”, Sameraee adds.

    The interrogator in the ministry is a man named Ahmad Salman. He is an Iranian and a captain of Iranian information ministry.

    FOH invites you to join the Protest in Vienna

    The U.N. nuclear watchdog’s board of governors meets on Thursday to debate possible action over Iran’s nuclear programme, which has raised Western concern that Tehran may be seeking atomic weapons.

    Please join us in a rally
    To refer Iran regime’s nuke file to the Security Council now

    Nov 24, 2005, 10AM- 14PM
    International Atomic Energy
    Wagramer strasse 5
    A-1220 Vienna

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