November 25 2005

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Fourth Issue November 25 2005
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  • Vienna: against nukes
  • World opposes Iran making nuclear fuel: EU draft
  • EU: Iran papers solely for making Nukes
  • Suicide Car Bomber Kills 30 in Iraq


    We have received many letters of encouragement from our readers and friends. I would like to thank you all and we will be answering all your emails as soon as possible.

    Things are rapidly unfolding about Iran’s nuclear standoff. As the IAEA board was meeting in Vienna, November 24th, thousands of demonstrators gathered outside to call for the referral of Iran to the UN Security Council.

    Media reports convey that US intelligence agencies are quite convinced that Iran is working to build nuclear weapons in secret based on a confidential report produced last week by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and on information from a former Iranian opposition figure.

    Iraqi insurgency continues as US troops spend their second thanksgiving holiday in Iraq. A car bomb explodes killing 30 and wounding 40 including 4 American soldiers who reportedly were handing our candies and food.

    Vienna: against nukes

    Vienna, Nov. 24 – Several thousand Iranian exiles braved the winter snow and rallied on Thursday outside the headquarters of the United Nations’ nuclear watchdog in Vienna to call for the immediate referral of Tehran’s suspected atomic weapons file to the Security Council to face economic sanctions and a comprehensive oil embargo.

    World opposes Iran making nuclear fuel: EU draft

    VIENNA (Reuters) – The U.N. nuclear watchdog’s governing board has reached a "broad consensus" that Iran should not be allowed to pursue nuclear enrichment, which would enable it to develop atom bombs, an EU diplomat said on Thursday.

    EU: Iran papers solely for making Nukes

    By GEORGE JAHN (Associated Press Writer)
    VIENNA, Austria (AP) – The European Union is accusing Iran of possessing documents used solely for the production of nuclear arms and is warning of possible referral to the U.N. Security Council, according to a statement made available to The Associated Press on Thursday.

    Suicide Car Bomber Kills 30 in Iraq

    BAGHDAD, Iraq, Nov. 24, 2005
    (AP) A suicide bomber blew up his car outside a hospital south of Baghdad on Thursday while U.S. troops handed out candy and food to children, killing 30 people and wounding about 40, including four Americans.

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