Bonn rally called for UN sanctions on Iran regime

Bonn rally called for UN sanctions on Iran regime Sat., 31 December 2005

Bonn (Germany) – Friends Of Humanity joined a rally in downtown Bonn Wednesday, December 28 calling for referral of the Iranian regime’s nuclear file and violation of Human Rights to the UN Security Council.

The event was held in conjunction with similar moves in other parts of Germany and European countries to express abhorrence to mullahs’ regime and its new terrorist threats to the region and world over which were voiced out by its president, Ahmadinejad, in his recent remarks.

Mullahs’ meddling in Iraq, particularly in its December parliamentary elections, were strongly opposed by protesters. Spokesman to the rally told the press that the regime in Iran wanted to establish another fundamentalist state in Iraq as part of its plan to build an Islamic empire. He emphasized that the regime’s nuclear ambitions could be explained within this context as it is pressing for it so forcefully. 

A banners carried by the participants also condemned human rights violations in Iran and called for an end to the EU’s policy of appeasement.

The rally received widespread support from German public who are disgusted by Ahmadinejad’s recent proposals for Israel and Germany.