Friends of Humanity co-sponsors Italian demonstration

Friends of Humanity co-sponsors Italian demonstration On Thursday 1st December 2005, on the initiative of Friends of Humanity, a gathering was arranged in the state governor’s hall in Piemonte, Italy to condemn the violation of human rights in Iran and to support the Iranian people.
The Mayor of Cuneo, Mr. Alberto Valmaia, Mr. Olivio Rostaneo, state advisor, Mr. V. Osvaldo, chairman of the journalists society, Dr. K. Nikzad and Dr. Y. Lessani from the academic and professional’s Iranian society  and other local officials attended, together with members of the Italian medical profession and humanitarian societies.

A video film about of the recent hanging of three young adults in Khorramabad in Iran was shown and shocked the participants.

Mr. K. Nikzad read a statement condemning the crimes and its atrocities of the Mullahs’ regime, as well as supporting the Iranian people in their struggle for freedom. Then Mr. Olivio Rostaneo condemned either political accommodation with or military action against the Iranian regime, explaining that the solution must come from within Iran itself. He called for international support for the resistance of the Iranian people, and wished them success.

Mr. Alberto Valmaia  in his speech strongly condemned the crimes committed by the Mullahs.