Iran Mullahs’ react to the new American strategy

US-Iran faceoffStop Fundamentalism, January 13 – Mullahs’ seem quite surprised about the change in the policy as if they never expected such change. 

A spokesman from the mullahs’ foreign ministry said Friday, "The increase in American military forces can help spread instability and insecurity in Iraq and will not help solve the problems in that country."

The spokesman expressed concern over the placement of patriot missiles in the region as the US president announced.

Mullah Jannati, referring to Bush’s speech and the announcement of the new American strategy in Iraq, said at today’s Friday prayer ceremony, "Instead of leaving Iraq due to defeat, they are planning to increase the number of their forces."   And about the American attack on regime’s consulate, he continued, "They think they are free to do anything they want to, this means more violence and the action is condemned." 

Jannati also criticized the Arab countries in the region for their anti Iran positions and said, "Some Islamic countries heads who should be leading people to the truth, are misleading them and speak against Shiite and Iran and are falling into traps set by other countries."