Iranian Regime Failing on Price Rises for Basic Commodities

(NCRI) and (PMOI / MEK Iran): The regime tends to blame anyone else apart from itself for price rises. Instead, they blame sellers. By doing so they are attempting to divide and conquer the people of Iran.

The economic problems facing Iran have nothing to do with sanctions, the Iranian regime has had to admit. They are due to the fact that the regime has failed to manage the economy competently. Their only response is to ramp up forms of repression as they realize that their incompetence is causing Iranian people and their resistance movement by the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) and the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (MEK Iran / PMOI) to demand regime change.

On November 4th, the IRGC’s Commander-in-Chief, Hossein Salami, reported that the IRGC had opened up a new headquarters tasked with combating high prices and fighting extortion. Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ali Khamanei, ordered the initiative.

The real reason for this creation has nothing to do with controlling prices, but everything to do with repressing the people of Iran.

The regime tends to blame anyone else apart from itself for price rises. Instead, they blame sellers. By doing so they are attempting to divide and conquer the people of Iran. They are trying to save time while in fact the real reasons for rising prices are the corruption and greed endemic within the ruling theocratic regime.

A good example of this homemade problem was outlined by the State-run Jahan-e Sanat daily on November 8th regarding the soaring price of housing. . “About 95% of the price of building materials is set domestically, and it is not based on dollars. Yet, as the dollar exchange rate continues decreasing, we still face an increase in housing prices. This is rooted in the monopolies that act to make the banking system survive, which is a monopolies’ component.”

The state-run 90 Eghtesadi website provides a good overview of the huge increases in consumer goods over the last few years. The following items have all risen fast:

  • Meat, rice, tea, and milk: 300%;
  • Tomatoes: 290%;
  • Cucumbers: 250%;
  • Tomato paste: 247%;
  • Letils:197%;
  • Eggs and sugar: 185%;
  • Chicken: 184%;
  • Sugar cubes: 177%:
  • Diapers: 200% (in the last month alone);
  • Car repairs: 600%.

Many of these price rises affect the affordability of other consumer items, putting many of them out of reach of many ordinary Iranians.

The headquarters that has just been established by the IRGC is supposedly going to be used to control prices, but the IRGC is well known for hoarding and monopolizing the people’s wealth, so this seems rather unlikely. The supposed objective of the other 2 new headquarters is to counter “thugs and hooligans” and to “combat Covid-19.” These are a cover for more repressive activities. For example, the “combating” of Covid-19 by a military force with no medical qualifications is an oxymoron. The idea is to raid people’s houses to discover where Covid-19 infections are found. This is just a ruse to justify breaking into dissidents’ homes or anyone who the IRGC may be suspicious of. Combating the virus is just a smokescreen.

The National Council of Resistance of Iran’s (NCRI), and the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI / MEK Iran), the main opposition to the Iranian regime, has reported that more than 150,700 people across Iran have died after contracting COVID-19.

Iranian State Security
This is a method being used by the regime to scare Iranians from taking part in MEK resistance movement activities by the supporters of the People’s Mojahedin of Iran (PMOI / MEK Iran).

Similarly, the term “thugs and hooligans” is used to describe any young man or woman who the regime suspects as being critical of the mullahs. The real thugs and hooligans in Iran are the IRGC themselves, especially the Basij arm of the IRGC.

It is highly unlikely that these initiatives will be of any use. The people of Iran have had to endure both the pandemic, which has been badly handled, as well as the economic fallout. They have heard all the excuses from the regime and don’t believe a word of what has been said. The chance of another mass protest taking place in Iran has become very high.

Maryam Rajavi the NCRI’s president-elect, has said:

The number of unemployed has reached 11 million as 6.5 million people have lost their jobs. The state-run press writes: The price of bread has increased while the price of lives has diminished.
An innocent 11-year-old takes her own life, and a destitute Baluchi woman sells her body to buy water to quench the thirst of her children and then commits suicide. And the deprived people of Chabahar whose homes were razed by the mullahs’ agents are crying out for justice.

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