Empty Food Baskets Now Greet Iranian Families

Empty Food Baskets
(NCRI) and (PMOI / MEK Iran): Empty Food Baskets Now Greet Iranian Families.

Empty Food Baskets

Empty food baskets appear to be more the norm in today’s Iran. But as this is becoming more commonplace the Iranian authorities are handing out skyrocketing loans to their relatives, so they can go out to dinner and dine on shark fin soup and imported expensive fruit.

While this is going on many Iranian families do not have the means to put enough food on the table, so everyone is suffering even to the point they are only just alive. Many Iranian citizens have become bankrupt due to the government’s economic mismanagement and inattention to small businesses is leading to sharp hikes in unemployment numbers.

“Currently, the food basket of a labor family of three has reached 76 million rials [$275] in Alborz province and 90 million rials [$325] in metropolitans. These numbers do not have any harmony with workers’ 26-million-rial [$95] paychecks. Laborers suffer from a 50-million-rial [$180] gap between their salaries and expenditures. In this respect, workers’ paychecks do not cover the costs of even ten days,” said Mohammad Sayyah, a member of the Labor Supreme Assembly managing board in Alborz province.

This turn towards poverty is extreme compared to earlier days when even the poorest could afford to buy at least bread, dairy, and eggs. However, as prices have risen so much purchasing power has been lost to buy even the most basic goods which sooner rather than later is likely to lead to malnutrition.

The daily food requirements per person are the following:

  • 70g potatoes,
  • 50g white meat,
  • 48g red meat,
  • 40-50g carbohydrates and sugar.
  • 35-40g of oil,
  • 320g bread,
  • 280g vegetables,
  • 26g beans,
  • 24g eggs,
  • 225-240g milk or dairy,
  • 20g pasta,
  • 100g rice.

To provide this minimum diet a single individual would need around 10 million rials [$40].

Many people, including young couples, need to pay housing rents which increase all the time. The rents have been increased so much that they have become a burden even though millions of properties lie empty. Overall, the majority of Iran’s population lives in poverty, ‘’facing high-prices, unemployment, and displacement, while officials say the number of people who spend their nights on roofs, cars, graves, and caves is increasing in alarming fashion.’’

Now, Iranians have worked out that neither the “reformists” nor the “principalists,” are actually considering them, so they continuously initiate rallies to protest about the government and the state-backed CEOs who simply line their pockets with the impoverished people’s meager savings. However, the protests taking place and the Iranian people themselves are close to seeing vast changes taking place in the not so distant future.

The National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), has reported gross human rights violations due to poverty in Iran.

The People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran, (PMOI / MEK) has stated that: “The bitter reality is that the overwhelming majority of Iranians are living in poverty and destitution due to the regime’s policies and conduct, such as spending an estimated $300 billion on its nuclear weapons program; providing over $100 billion to maintain the Assad regime in power, and plundering astronomical amounts of the nation’s wealth have become a common practice among the regime’s top officials who live a lavish life of luxury.”

For controlling the situation, the mullahs, as usual, resort to intimidation, imprisonment, torture, and long term sentences. Arresting labor activists, teachers, defiant youth, and … are the tools that mullahs use to curb catastrophic situations. In response to this, people have no other option but to resist a decent and better life. People’s Mojahedin Organization (PMOI / MEK Iran) and MEK resistance units are mobilizing people to restore their rights.

Iranian officials, including Ali Khamenei, have repeatedly admitted that the MEK is responsible for the protests and expressed fear that this could well mean the end of the Regime.

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