Iran Azeris crackdown continue

Iran Azeris uprisingStop Fundamentalism – Two weeks after the uprisings in the four Azeri speaking provinces in northwestern Iran, a violent crackdown and torture of those arrested, especially the students, continue.

A recent report indicated that an 80-year-old man by the name of Eivaz Sayyadi, who was wounded during one of the demonstrations by the security forces, died in hospital.  The killing of an 80-year-old man sets a new precedence unseen in many countries controlled by dictators.

What is noteworthy is that the Intelligence Ministry has told the family of the victim not to announce the death of the old man and limit the burial ceremony to close family and friends only.

Due to the extent of the crackdown and the complete censorship of the news about the uprising, the number of those killed or injured during the demonstrations is still unknown. 

Reports indicated that the mullahs’ regime has resorted to most vicious means to stop the uprisings.  The security forces have arrested anyone suspected of attending or persuading others to attend the demonstrations.

To create fear, security forces attack houses during the night, arrest the people and take them to unknown locations.  Some of those arrested didn’t even take part in the demonstrations.