Iran Executed 37 People in November


Stop Fundamentalism – Iranian regime executed 37 people last month including one woman in the western city of Kermanshah, reported Iranian opposition sources yesterday.

Five of the executions took place in public.

Eleven prisoners were executed together in a group in central city of Shiraz.

The report also shows that a 17-year-old boy who was 16 at the time of alleged crime was sentenced to be executed.  The time of his execution is not clear yet.

The actual number of executions in this country may be much higher as many executions in Iran go unreported. 

Iran held second spot last year in number executions among countries in the world that still practice this type of punishment.  First place was China.

Amnesty International has called repeatedly on Iran to put a moratorium on all death sentences and refrain from specifically juvenile executions, those who commit their crime when they are still under legal age.