Iran: Gathering to Commemorate the Victims That Fought for Freedom Against the Regime

(PMOI / MEK Iran) and (NCRI): Remembering the people’s desire for a free country.

During the Persian New Year days, mothers of the victims executed or killed by Iran’s clerical regime, particularly mothers and siblings of the victims of the November 2019 uprising as well as the victims of the 1988 massacre, made statements seeking justice for their children. They demand that the murderers of their children and loved ones are brought to justice and prosecuted.

On 28 March, they gathered to remember those who gave their lives for Iran’s freedom, with the message “we will never forgive nor forget.”

(PMOI / MEK Iran) and (NCRI): we will never forgive nor forget.

At the turn of the year, Mehdi Nekouii’s devastated mother visited her son’s grave and begged for an end to the regime’s rule. His sister stated, “I am the sister of Mehdi Nekouii. My family and I will never forgive… We will be consoled only when the person who fired at the heart of our loved one receives justice.”

(PMOI / MEK Iran) and (NCRI): Justice is the only hope that keeps us alive.

Mother Mehrdad Mo’einfar in a message said: “Justice is the only hope that keeps us alive. We live in the hope of the overthrow of the murderers of our children.”

The family of Vahid Damvar also added: “We will not have mercy on the murderer of our children. They ruined our Eid. Khamenei, may God ruin yours!”

On 20 March, at the start of the Persian New Year, Navid Afkari’s mother, Behiyeh Namjou, posted images of herself next to Navid’s grave. Saeed Afkari, her surviving son, messaging on her behalf, “My mother demands prosecution and punishment of each and everyone involved in the murder of Navid, from high-ranking officials of the regime to the torturers, the prosecutors, those who issued the death decree, those who justified the decree and those who carried out the murder… Navid wants us to defend the oppressed. We want the prosecution and maximum punishment.”

(PMOI / MEK Iran) and (NCRI): Navid wants us to defend the oppressed.

Mansoureh Behkish, who lost five brothers and one sister in the 1980s executions and the 1988 massacre, expressed sympathy for Navid Afkari’s mother, “Behiyeh Namjou, your pain is mine, your wound is mine. And I will remain by your side until we achieve justice from these oppressors!”

Behnaz Mahjoubi, sister of Behnam Mahjoubi, posted on social media, “I vow to continue to seek justice until my last breath for you, your lost youth days, and all our buried dreams.”

Behnam Mahjoubi, a Gonabadi Dervish, died of denial of medical treatment and medicinal poisoning on 16 February. During a rally by Gonabadi dervishes in Tehran in the winter of 2018, he was arrested and sentenced to two years in prison. Despite the forensics office’s assurance that he could not bear prison conditions due to nervous disorder, he was transported to Evin Prison in June 2020 to complete his sentence.

(PMOI / MEK Iran) and (NCRI): the pain caused to the families who lost their loved ones.

These are just some examples of the cruel assassinations and the pain caused to the families who lost their loved ones that we’re fighting for freedom. Those who gave their lives for Iran’s independence from the regime will live on in the hearts and minds of Iranians forever, and all Iranians that seek justice for them.