Iran Human Rights – 61 Execution following Election including 6 Women

Stop Fundamentalism – The Iranian regime has executed a total of 61 prisoners since last month’s presidential elections, reported Iranian opposition sources yesterday.


The National Council of Resistance of Iran, an exiled Iranian opposition movement reported yesterday in a statement that six women were among those executed.  Also one youngster who was 15 at the time of his arrest was among those executed, says the NCRI.


The executions were carried out in group hangings, some in public. In one horrifying move 21 prisoners  were hanged together in a prison west of Tehran known as Ghezelhesar.

Other executions took place in Zahedan, Ahwaz, Share Kurd, and Karaj.

The NCRI says that the wave of executions are aimed at creating a fear atmosphere in the country following the elections to prevent any type of public dissent.

Last month, Hassan Rowhani, a cleric, was elected as the new president in Iran from among six other candidates who were all chosen by Iran’s Guardian Council.  The council carries out the wishes of Iranian supreme leader Ali Khamenei.