Iran – Pastor of St. Paul Church in Esfahan Arrested

Stop Fundamentalism – An Iranian-Christian news website, Mohabat News, says that Mr. Hekmat Salimi, the pastor of the Church of St. Paul in Esfahan was arrested in a raid by Iranian security forces on his house on February 22.

Mr. Salimi lived in a city near Esfahan called Fooladshahr.  Iranian Authorities have not provided any explanations why Mr. Salimi has been arrested.  He was taken to an unknown location after his arrest.

Mohabat News says the security forces searched the house after arresting Salimi and took Bibles, theological books and CDs, and his computer among other belongings.

Pressures on Iranian Christians have been on the rise recently by government forces, says the website.  Another Christian pastor, Youcef Nadarkhani, who has been jailed since 2009 and has received a death sentence for practicing Christianity, is in danger of imminent execution.  His case has received considerable international attention.