Iran regime suppression of people on the rise

Iran oppression of peopleThe Iranian regime is planning on further suppression on the people of this country.

In a so called “security and judicial seminar” on Sunday, the Governor, Prosecutor General and State Security Force (SSF) commander of Qom Province, located south of the Iranian capitol, Tehran, jointly called for further suppression of the people’s uprisings by the SSF, the official news agency, IRNA reported today.

The Governor of Qom Abbas Mohtaj said, “If there are shortcomings regarding (security), these people create disorder and insecurity.”

The Prosecutor General of Qom Abdolreza Nematollahi said, “The reaction to these people must be such that it dissuades others from committing crimes.”

Under mounting international pressure to stop further nuclear developments, the Iranian regime fears internal uprisings and demonstrations in various parts of the country would bring real danger for its iron grip on power.