Iran’s Political Prisoners Want West Address Human Rights in Talks

Stop Fundamentalism – Iranian political prisoners at Zahedan central prison called on western powers to address the situation of human rights in Iran during the February 26 talks with the Iranian regime in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

The western powers are meeting the Iranian delegation Tuesday to encourage Tehran to curve its nuclear program that they suspect of having military aims.

“We, the political prisoners in Zahedan central prison, live in devastating and inhuman conditions.  We have been sentenced to long-term prisons and deprived of our citizen’s rights,” say the prisoners in their letter that has been published in the Iranian dissident media.

“We request that the situation of violations of human rights be an inseparable part of your talks and also to put priority about our release in your work and take practical measures in that regard,” Iranian political prisoner ask the P5+1.

Iranian regime has been under increasing international pressure to back down from its nuclear program which the west finds to be threatening.  But Iranian dissident criticize the west for not putting enough weight to force the Iranian regime respect internationally accepted human rights values.