Campaign to Force Iran out of Syria

An internet campaign has been set up with the aim of getting the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) to leave Syria. It was set up by activists from both Syria and Iran.

Since the beginning of the Syrian civil war, Iran has been involved. Over the years its involvement has increased as the opposition to Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad got stronger. When Iran realised that there was a chance that Assad could be overthrown, it started to send in large numbers of troops to prop the Syrian president up.

The IRGC trains fighters in countries where Iran is on the frontline such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Yemen and Syria. Once they have completed their training, the IRGC sends them back to their home countries where they will spread terrorism and wage war. 

The internet activists are calling for the IRGC to be designated as a foreign terrorist organisation and are using the hashtags #BlacklistIRGC and #IranoutofSyria.

The campaigners are hoping that interest will come from all over the world. 

A Syrian activist said that Iran is using militias to oppress people all over the Middle East, and another described the IRGC as an “occupation force”. 

The campaign which was started in February is already starting to gain international support. In a message on Twitter, one user questioned how much President Assad owes the Islamic Republic for its support. The same user also said that Syria belongs to its people – not Iran. 

Instability in the region is increasing and countries are fighting to keep Iran away from meddling in internal affairs. For example, Bahrain has made great efforts to keep Iran out, but it is fighting a losing battle because of its connections with militants all over the country. There have been large discoveries of Iran-made weapons in Bahrain showing that Iran has well and truly infiltrated the small nation.

Iran will continue to deny its terrorist activities and its extensive involvement in Syria and other areas in the Middle East, but it is clear for the international community to see this is a lie. 

The people of Iran have many social problems to deal with such as high unemployment, low levels of literacy, and other issues related to a suffering economy. The rulers of the country are creating misery, not just in countries where it is instigating war, but also very much so at home. 

Why has the IRGC not been designated as a foreign terrorist organisation? The terrorist activities it carries out are plain to see.