Iran: Commander warns that IRGC will be in the U.S. and Europe very soon

Adam Kredo wrote an article for the Free Beacon about the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps who are sending assets “to infiltrate the United States and Europe at the direction of Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei”.

The IRGC, Iran’s elite military force, will soon be in the U.S. and Europe said the Iranian military commander. He said that the forces will be operating to strengthen the regime and to thwart any potential attacks against Iran.

Salar Abnoush, deputy coordinator of Iran’s Khatam-al-Anbia Garrison, an IRGC command front, said: “The whole world should know that the IRGC will be in the U.S. and Europe very soon.”

These comments come just as Iran is spending large sums to upgrade military equipment and embolden its presence in the Middle East. It is said that Iran will spend billions in order to buy American planes that will be used by its air force.

Kredo pointed out that congressional leaders believe that a large part of the cash received by Iran following the nuclear deal has been spent on war plans.

Abnoush said: “The IRGC is [the] strong guardian of the Islamic Republic. The Fedayeen of Velayat [fighting force] are under the order of Iran’s Supreme leader. Defending and protecting the Velayat [the Supreme Leader] has no border and limit.”

Military and government officials in Iran advocate violence against the U.S. despite the side deals that were made resulting in Iran receiving nearly $2 billion in cash. They say that the U.S. has violated parts of the agreement. I.e. not helping Iran gain further access to international banks and other markets.

Abnoush said: “Our enemies have several projects to destroy our Islamic revolution, and have waged three wars against us to execute their plans against our Islamic Republic. The IRGC has defeated enemies in several fronts. The enemy surrendered and accepted to negotiate with us. And now all of our problems are being solved and our country is becoming stronger in all fronts. Some believe the holy defense ended. They are wrong; the holy defense continues, and today, it is more complicated than before.”

Congressional experts believe that comments like this are extremely worrying since the regime has made very public efforts to assassinate political enemies. Iran expert at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, Saeed Ghasseminejad, said: “If we look at Iran’s previous terror attacks and assassination campaign around the world, such a statement is alarming. The Islamic Republic has killed hundreds of Iranians and non-Iranians around the world in a coordinated campaign of terror. Iran may decide to restart the project now that many western companies are going to Iran and Iran feels its action in Europe may not be punished strongly.”

According to another source, the Obama administration is blocking Congress from taking action to stop this type of infiltration by Iranian forces. They said: “Iran is ideologically, politically, and militarily committed to exporting the Islamic revolution through terrorism, which is why even the Obama administration says they’re the world’s foremost state sponsor of terrorism. Congress wants to act, but Obama officials keep saying that new laws are unnecessary because the U.S. has enough tools to block Iranian terror expansion. Instead of using those tools, though, they’re sending Iran billions of dollars in cash while Iran plants terror cells in Europe and here at home.”