Iranian Opposition Warns About another Attack on Camp Liberty in Iraq

Camp Liberty residents want to go back to Camp Ashraf
Camp Liberty residents want to go back to Camp Ashraf

Camp Liberty residents want to go back to Camp Ashraf

Stop Fundamentalism – The Iranian opposition, in a statement today, warned about possibility of another attack on a dissident camp in Iraq, which is occupied by 3100 of its members.  A rocket attack on the camp last month killed 7 and injured about one hundred residents.

Residents of Camp Liberty are members of the Iranian opposition, Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization, who relocated last year from Camp Ashraf in order to go through a refugee determination process by UNHCR, UN’s refugee agency, on the promise of swift resettlement outside of Iraq where they would be safe from attacks by the Iranian regime agents and their operatives in Iraq.

But the process has been rather slow and since the move, the camp has come under a rocket attack.  The residents want to move back to Ashraf saying they are safer there as Ashraf has a larger area to take shelter while Liberty is only a half square kilometers camp.

According to the National Council of Resistance of Iran, reports obtained from Iran shows that the Iranian Quds force is planning another attack on the camp.

The residents of the camp are unarmed.  The Mujahedin or MEK are considered the most serious opposition movement to the Iranian regime who want to replace the Islamic Republic rule with a democratic republic.

The Iraqi government has announced that it can never prevent rocket attacks on the camp.