Members of Al-Qaida Network Trained in Iran: Azerbaijan

Stop Fundamentalism – Republic of Azerbaijan says that a number of people arrested recently on the charges of terrorism in relation to the Al-Qaida network were trained in Iran. 

“A recent anti-terrorism operation resulted in the arrest of 17 people,” announced the Azerbaijani Ministry of National Security Wednesday in statement. The statement says that “investigations and findings” following the arrests show that, “a number of the members of this group were trained in Syria and Iran.”

A Colonel of the National Security Ministry was killed during the operation.

Al-Qaida established and organized a new network in Azerbaijan in midsummer last year and sent out its members to Syrian and Iran for training.

An Azerbaijani Television Station aired confessions of detained members of this group saying they received arms and ammunitions from neighboring Russian states.  According to Azerbaijani officials, a number of the members were involved in Afghanistan during operations against NATO forces in that country.