Allawi Resigns as President of the National Council for Strategic Policy in Iraq

Stop Fundamentalism – The head of the Iraqia Bloc, Iyad Allawi, said Thursday that he is resigning the post of Presidency of the National Council for the Strategic Policy of Iraq, a position which was created to help an election dispute resolve but never realized. 

“We give up again for the presidency of the National Council for strategic policy in response to the demand of the People and the religious authorities,” said Allawi to reporters during a press conference in Baghdad today.

This is the second time that Allawi announces that he will abandon the position.   The post is yet to pass the Iraqi parliament approval. It was created to settle differences between the Iraqia Bloc headed by Allawi, and the coalition led by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki after an agreement was reached known as the Erbil agreement mediated by the Kurdish region President Massoud Barzani.