Online Conference About the Coronavirus Outbreak in Iran

On April 23, 2020, the Iranian Medical Community residing in Italy, sympathizers of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), and the MEK Iran organized an online conference.

The conference, in which Italian parliamentarians and personalities participated, connected 100 aggregation centers of Iranians in Italy.

As the news portal of the MEK Iran informed, in the conference entitled “The Reopening in the Midst of the Growth of the Coronavirus Pandemic”, the cause of the outbreak and the real dimensions of the coronavirus crisis in Iran and the threats derived for the international community were discussed.

The conference began with the intervention of Abolghassem Rezai, representative of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) in Italy, and then Ambassador Giulio Maria Terzi, former Foreign Minister, Senator Roberto Rampi, member of the Human Rights Commission of the Senate (PD), Hon. Antonio Tasso Group leader MAIE in the chamber, Sen. Manuel Vescovi, secretary of the Foreign Commission and Vice-President of the Italian Parliamentary Delegation to the Assembly of the Council of Europe (L-SP-PSd’Az), Hon. Stefania Pezzopane (PD), Hon. Giuseppe Morganti, Member of Parliament of San Marino, Mayor Toni Matarrelli, Hon. Elisabetta Zamparutti, treasurer of Hands of Cain, Antonio Stango, President of the Federation of Human Rights in Italy, Hon. Carlo Ciccioli (former deputies of FDI), members of the community of Iranian doctors residing in Italy, NCRI sympathizers doctor Nariman Ardalan epidemiologist, and doctor Majid Bazeli surgeon Vascular.

The interventions had focused on the situation created by COVID-19 in Iran and on the terrible effects of the reopening amid the pandemic spike on the socio-political condition in Iran.  They also focused on the reason for the crisis, its real dimensions, and any threats of these to the international community. The speakers also examined why the Iranian regime hid the pandemic, the truth of the numbers, and information released by the MEK Iran on the victims of the pandemic in Iran. The interventions sparked interest to focus on prisoners in Iran and the fact that every day there are victims in prisons, seeing that even in this dramatic situation, the inhuman regime does not stop the hangings.