Allawy Calls for UN Special Envoy for Iraq Amid Baghdad Explosions

Allegations against Vice-President and one of Al-Iraqiya’s leaders, Tareq Al-Hashemi, are “fabricated, false with no credence.”

Stop Fundamentalism –The Iraqi head of al-Iraqiya bloc, Dr. Ayad Allawi, has asked Ban Ki-moon, United Nations’ General Secretary to appoint a special human rights envoy for Iraq, said Arabic news agency, Al-Malaf on Wednesday.

In an interview with Al-Malaf, Allawy warned about recent developments in Iraq and said that the bloc’s participants in the cabinet of Nouri al-Maliki will have to stop attending meetings if the current situation continues.  He also expressed concern that the current crisis would destroy the political process in Iraq and open ways for the Iranian regime to interfere in the country.

Allawy described the allegations against Vice-President and one of Al-Iraqiya’s leaders, Tareq Al-Hashemi, as “fabricated, false with no credence,” reported Al-Malaf.

“Al-Iraqiya has setup a crisis room and meets regularly to assess the situation in the country,” told Allawy to Al-Malaf.

Allawy explained that the UN Secretary General has accepted his request for a human rights special envoy and Ambassador Martin Kobler, the Head of UNAMI and Secretary General’s Special Envoy to Iraq has started new rounds of talks with Al-Iraqiya to designate the right person for the job.

Also as a new twist in the Iraqi political situation, the Iraqiya bloc is asking al-Maliki’s bloc, National Unity, to replace Nouri al-Maliki with another person as he is not the suitable man for the job.

To make the political scene in Iraq even more complicated, at least 12 explosions ripped through Baghdad streets Thursday morning claiming the lives of at least 57 people injuring hundreds.