Another Attack on Camp Ashraf in the making

Stop Fundamentalism, 19 April – A spokesman from the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) told news reporters on Tuesday that another attack on the unarmed residents of Camp Ashraf in Iraq is in the making.

The spokesman told reporters that the Iraqi army has built a 3 to 4 meter high by 6 kilometres long embankment inside the camp.  The embankment is wide enough to allow vehicles to move on top. “Such embankments are usually constructed at front-lines in battlefields.”

Further, none of the Iraqi military unites, brought in for the attack on the camp has left the scene.  “Armoured vehicles are still stationed to the north of the camp with guns pointed at the residents,” Said the spokesman.

Iraqi army attacked 3400 residents of the Iranian refugee camp last week killing 34 residents including 8 women and wounding over 350.  The raid was received in the international political and human rights circles as a massacre and raised many condemnations.