Bomb Attacks Target Iraqi Top Shiite Leader

Stop Fundamentalism – A number of Ayatollah Ali Sistani’s representatives in various Iraqi cities have been targeted by terrorist attacks during the past three day, say Iraqi media reports.

Tens of supporters of the Grand Ayatolla Sistani, who is one of the most prominent Shiite religious leaders living today, took to the streets in various provinces to protest the attacks, according to reports.

A security sources told Al-Baghdadia that a representative of Ayatollah Sistani, escaped an attack unharmed after a package bomb exploded near his home.  Surrounding homes received considerable damages said the same source.  No casualties were reported by Iraqi media.

 Another representative of the Ayatollah Sistani in Hela was subjected to an attack by a hand grenade at his home.  There were also no casualties reported in this incident.

Other incidents have happened in Zighar province, Ghadesiya.

“A provincial counsel is investigating the matter,” said Diwaniya authorities to Aswat al-Iraq.