Europe MEPs Call to End Siege on Camp Ashraf

Stop Fundamentalism, May 11 – A delegation of European Parliament members who visited Baghdad at the end of April to discuss a solution to the faceoff at Camp Ashraf which claimed the lives of 35 residents of the camp, called for resettlement of the refugees to EU and North America in a press conference Tuesday. 

Struan Stevenson, head of the delegation said to the press conference held at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, “We’ve had so many threats from the Iraqi government” about what can happen, “if Ashraf is not cleared by the end of this year.”

Stevenson stressed that “a Srebrenica style massacre” could be in the horizon if international community does not respond soon enough.

Camp Ashraf in Iraq is the home of 3500 Iranian opposition members. The Iranian regime wants the camp removed from Iraq as it says it poses a danger to neighboring Iran.

The Iranian regime news websites have been running continuous propaganda against the Camp residents calling for their destruction and extradition to Iran since April 8, the day attacks began.

The delegation was not allowed to visit the camp.  Stevenson said that the Iraqi Foreign Minister Zibary told him that visiting the camp is “out of the question.”

Camp residents have repeatedly requested journalists and reporters to visit the camp to make a report of what has happened.  No visitation has been granted to any reporter for two years.   

The MEPs suggest that the refugees be resettled in Europe, Canada and the United States.   But in order to reach agreements on such solution, they call on Iraqis to end the siege on the camp and pull military units out and let the injured to be cared for.

The residents complain that the bodies of those who died are yet to be buried since the Iraqi’s would not allow the residents access to the camp’s cemetery.

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