Head of Parliament – Iraq’s Human Rights Violated

Stop Fundamentalism – Osama Al-Nujaifi, a leader of the Iraqia bloc and the Head of Parliament in Iraq expressed concerns in a statement yesterday that “human rights is violated widely in Iraq,” reported Aljazeera TV.

Iraqia bloc that has gone on a head-to-head crash path with the Nouri al-Maliki government since the American Troops pullout, has boycotted the government alleging Maliki to be trying to bring back dictatorial rule to Iraq by isolating dissident voices.

“Human Rights have been violated widely due to use of extensive force and violence against innocent people, arbitrary arrests and mistreating and failure to use correct judicial routes,” said Al-Nujaifi in his statement.

Following his return from United States on December 12 last year, Nouri al-Maliki brought terrorism charges against Vice-President Tariq Al-Hashimi. 

Hashimi, a moderate Sunni leader, fled to Kurdistan where he is currently under protection provided by the President Jalal Talabani.

Al-Nujaifi warned that the Iraqi army should not interfere in political matters in the country and cannot be used to repress people.  He also supported the idea of forming states by provinces.  “Any province that wants to form a state according to the formal law of the country and according to the wishes of the people in that province, it has the right to do so according to the constitution,” he said.

Iraqia bloc says allegations against Vice-President are fabricated by al-Maliki in a bid to end the partnership government and to take power in Iraq in his own hands.