Iranian Dissident in Camp Ashraf Dies of Attack Injuries

Stop Fundamentalism, 23 April, 2011 – The Iranian Resistance reported today that another Camp Ashraf resident, Bahman Atigi, 38 died today due to injuries he received during the attack of 8 April on the camp by Iraqi military forces.  This brings the total number of deaths to 35.

On 8 April, Iraqi forces attacked the Iranian unarmed dissident camp, Ashraf, using armored vehicles and firearms.  The attack that resulted in a massacre of the residents was condemned by many international bodies and personalities.

About 350 residents received injuries, 225 by direct shooting of Iraqi soldiers during the attack.  Reports by the resistance indicate that 21 of those injured are currently in serious and critical condition. Of that number 7 were transferred to American Forces Hospital but the rest have not received the necessary medical care due to lack of facilities inside the camp.

The resistance charged Nuri al-Maliki to be doubly responsible for Bahman’s death, “once for the attack on 8 April and then for preventing him from receiving adequate medical care. “

The statement warns that Iraqi forces are preventing any medical care and medication to reach patients.   A convoy of medication and supplies paid for by the residents was not allowed to enter the camp and was returned by the Iraqi forces.