Iraq – At Least 60 Feared Dead After Baghdad Bomb Raid

Stop Fundamentalism – A series of bomb attacks on Thursday may have claimed the lives of at least 60 innocent civilians in Iraq following a raid this morning. 

The explosions that have occurred in mostly Shiite populated areas in Baghdad would certainly help further the sectarian divide in the country.

Only a week past America’s official depart from Iraq, this war torn country stays ravaged by bomb attacks and governmental power struggles.

Iranian regime has been named repeatedly by American military officials to be the main provider and instigator of Iraq’s bomb campaigns. 

Iraq’s Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, following his visit to United States, immediately took on his adversaries in the government on his return in an attempt to take complete control of the government.

Currently Iraq’s Vice-President Hashimi, and al-Maliki’s own deputy Saleh Al-Mutlaq are avoiding government meetings.  Vice-President Hashimi has taken refuge in Iraqi Kurdistan fearing arrest after Maliki made allegations against him to be involved in terrorism.

Hashimi is denying all charges.