Iraq must end Camp Liberty fuel blockage

The suffering or Iranian dissidents at Camp Liberty continues as for the fifth straight week, Iraqi agents continue to prevent the entry of gasoline to the camp. It is a sad state of affairs in Camp Liberty, with an already on-going  medical blockade of Camp Liberty which has cost the lives of 22 Iranian dissidents. There are reports of psychological tortures as well, with speakers erected by the Iraqi authorities that emit sound, continually disrupting the rest and sleep of the residents.

The gasoline at the camp is usually for the purpose of a limited number of public service and passenger vehicles allocated to the commute of patients and injured inside the camp.  Now the patients and the disabled have to walk in cold weather on muddy and gravel roads. The Iraqi authorities petty cruelty has sunk to new lows. 

The National Council of Resistance of Iran has called preventing the entry of gasoline into the camp “a blatant breach of the Memorandum of Understanding signed by Government of Iraq.” At the time of the transfer of residents to Camp Liberty from the larger and better-equipped Camp Ashraf, the Iraqi government forced them to leave over 95% of their vehicles in Ashraf. In the following months most of the vehicles were stolen.

As time passes, news of such events makes the situation at Camp Liberty look more and more like a concentration camp. This should be of concern to the US government who hand off the responsibility of the protection of these Iranians to the Iraqi government, as well as the United Nations due to the break of international covenants and human rights violations.