Iraq Pays $91 Million for Fake Explosive Detectors

Stop Fundamentalism – An Iraqi parliament committee revealed the involvement of high ranking officials in the import of fake and nonfunctional bomb and explosive detection equipment over six years ago, Aljazeera TV reported yesterday.  That report came after a British court sentenced a businessman to 15 years in prison for exporting of the equipment to Iraq.

Aljazeera said that Iraqi officials have denied the charges for a long time but the subject has once again surfaced following the sentencing of this British businessman.

The Iraqi parliamentary committee stressed that there have been a number of Iraqi high ranking officials involved in this matter.

Iraq says it paid $91 Million to purchase six thousand units of these equipments while their value is not more than $137 thousand.  Some media sources say that the office of Iraqi military Commander in Chief was involved in the deal making and insisted on going ahead with it despite repeated warnings from the country of origin that the equipments are of low quality and nonfunctional.