Iraq – Second Rocket Attack on Iranian Exile Camp Ashraf in 24 Hours

Stop Fundamentalism – Iranian Resistance sources reported Tuesday night that another round of rockets have been fired at Camp Ashraf in Iraq where 3400 Iranian exiled dissidents live away from Iranian regime’s rule.  This is the second time in the past 24 hours that the camp has been targeted by Katusha rockets.

The rockets landed inside the camp area at 8 pm local time, exactly the same as the reported attack time last night when the first attack occurred.

The rockets were fired from the southern side of the camp and landed near a residential compound housing the residents.  There are no reports of possible casualties yet.  The residents are searching the area at night time to gather evidence and assess damages.

“The residents had reported earlier during the afternoon observing some individuals in the distance, says a statement released by the Resistance. “A black color petrol car was transferring some people to the area.”

Camp Ashraf residents were target of an assault by Iraqi forces last April during which 36 residents died including 8 women.  The residents are unarmed and were declared ‘protected persons’ under 4th Geneva Conventions following the occupation of Iraq by coalition forces back in 2003. There are currently efforts by United Nations and UN Assisted Mission in Iraq, UNAMI to provide asylum status to the residents and resettle them outside Iraq.  Talks regarding a solution between parties involved continue.