Iraqi Opposition Blocs Boycott National Congress

Stop Fundamentalism, Iraq – Al-Iraqia Bloc headed by Ayad Allawi announced Monday that it will not attend a National Congress set to convene on April 5 to resolve Iraq’s political deadlock, reported the Iraqi Al-Sharqia News Television.

A Spokesperson for Al-Iraqia told Al-Sharqia News that the Bloc is boycotting the congress unless all aspects of the Erbil Agreement are put in effect by the government.  Also the Bloc is asking for a resolution to Tariq Al-Hashimi and Saleh al-Mutlaq problems.

Meanwhile, Iraqi Vice President Tariq Al-Hashimi is on an official three day visit to Qatar since yesterday. Hashimi had taken refuge in Iraqi Kurdistan, fleeing an arrest order issued against him by al-Maliki government for allegations of running death squads,.  He denies any involvement in terrorist activities and says that the arrest warrant is an attempt by the Prime Minister al-Maliki to sideline his opposition and expand Maliki’s authoritarian rule in the country.

Iraqi Prime Minister, on the other hand rejected any preconditions for taking part in the National Congress. He told the Iranian state-run Fars News agency that he “will not allow anyone put preconditions for him.”