Iraq’s Continued Breech of Camp Ashraf Rights Condemned

Participants: UN and the US are responsible for the safety and security of the residents.

In a conference organized by the MRAP, France Liberte ( foundation of the late Daniel Mitterand ) and women Organization WHRIA , on August 8, 2012 , in UN headquarters in Geneva, the well-known human rights activists , and political personalities from Switzerland , warned about the continued breach of commitments , by the GOI,  with respect to the situation of the Iranian dissidents in Iraq, residing in Camps Ashraf and Liberty and called for the  condemnation of these actions by United Nations.

The speakers of the conference included:

Prof. Jean ZIEGLER Vice-president of the Human Rights Council’s Advisory Committee

– Mrs Anne-Marie LIZIN Honorary President of the Belgian Senate, former Minister and former

Special Rapporteur of the UN Commission on Human Rights

– Mr. Jean Charles RIELLE President of the City Council of Geneva

– Mr. Eric VORUZ Member of the Swiss Parliament

– Mrs Christiane PERREGAUX Co-President of the Geneva Constitutional Assembly

Call for condemnation of Government of Iraq (GOI)  by the  UN  for constant breach of the rights of the Ashraf and Liberty residents stipulated by the memorandum of Understanding signed between the UN and GOI

Human Rights activists and political personalities from Switzerland, see the need for  the implementation of the minimum humanitarian requirement  of the Ashraf residents, before resumption of transfer process from Ashraf to Liberty.

The participants gave their support to the residents’ eight- article practical plan, that was provided to the UN on July 26 and reiterated that if Iraq prevents the fulfillment of those minimums, it shows it has ominous intensions. Based on this plan, the residents provide for eight minimum humanitarian needs at their own effort and expense, and then the sixth group will move to Liberty. If the Iraqi government does not obstruct this plan, it will be realized in less than one month.

Swiss political personalities and Human rights activists reiterated that at present Liberty lacks minimum humanitarian requirements for the existing residents and any further transfers  will only result in deterioration and sophistication of the situation and there should be no further transfers until the minimum humanitarian requirements of the residents , stipulated in their 8 article statement, is met.

 The speaker also condemned the remarks by Martin Kobler, the Special Representative of the UN Secretary General for Iraq against Ashraf residents at UN Security Council, praising Maliki’s patience and flexibility and has called it a green light and encouragement to the GOI to attack and massacre the residents.

The participants also reiterated that, based on the international laws, UN and the US Government are responsible for the safety and security of the lives and belongings of these asylum seekers.

Ms Elahe Azimfar, a senior member of NCRI was also amongst the speakers in the conference.