Rajavi Calls on Ashton for Urgent Camp Ashraf Resolution

Maryam RajaviStop Fundamentalism, 23 May 2011 – President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran called on High Representative Catherine Ashton of the European Union for “urgent measures to protect residents of Ashraf and to prevent a new humanitarian catastrophe.”

In her letter, Mrs. Rajavi called for the support of the European Parliament’s initiative to resolve the crisis at Camp Ashraf in Iraq.

“A month and a half after the massacre of April 8, no independent investigation has been conducted on this massacre,” said Rajavi in a statement release today by the NCRI.  She also warned about the presence of the Iraqi military forces inside Camp Ashraf showing that another massacre of a larger scale could be in the horizon.

Camp Ashraf in Iraq was the scene of an assault by the Iraqi forces last April which resulted in 35 deaths and 350 injuries.  The camp is the residence of 3400 Iranian refugees who oppose the Iranian regime.

After the incident, the European Union has proposed an initiative to remove the resident from Iraq and place them in Europe, US and Australia.  The initiative has received support by NCRI and many international bodies.

In her letter, Mrs. Rajavi, called on Ms. Ashton to adopt the necessary measuresto station a permanent monitoring team from the United Nations or the European Union in Camp Ashraf.  She also call for assistance from the European Union member countries for transfer of patients and those injured in Ashraf.