Why does Iran Ache For Camp Ashraf Destruction?

An Ashraf resident hit by a Humvee
An Ashraf resident hit by a Humvee

Nima Sharif
As disturbing events of 8 April, 2011 in Camp Ashraf, Iraq still unfold, more than ever, the intentions of the Iranian regime, in persuading Nuri al-Maliki to create such massacre, which by no means will help his already pathetic public image and disgraceful record of human rights, become clear.

An Ashraf resident hit by a Humvee
An Ashraf resident hit by a Humvee
When the news of the attack on Camp Ashraf by Iraqi military forces began reaching the news media, swarms of critic and condemnations started pouring in.  On the other hand, and from the very early hours, the Iranian regime’s media started propaganda to support the aggression in an orchestrated effort with Nuri al-Maliki forces at the scene.  Some of the regime’s hoorays and cheers interestingly and infuriatingly resembled that of torturers and executioners.

Before all, Salehi, Foreign Minister of the regime praised the attack and Iraqi government’s crackdown. “We appreciated the Iraqi government’s measures in this regard,” said Salehi in a press conference on 9 April.

In a letter to Nuri al-Maliki by an Iranian Habilian Association, Fars News Agency on 9 April 2011, described the attack as, “A brave action that deserves applaud,” But expressed concern that, “If it stays at the current measures, it will only be a temporary remedy on a 26 year old cancerous tumor.”

“Nonetheless, today’s opportunity should not be missed,” Fars News emphasized. “Experience shows that every time you have contented to some limited measures against the Mujahedin, they resorted to a high volume of media campaigns against the government and the people of Iraq,” said the paper warning Nuri al-Maliki about Mujahedin’s offensive that would make, “the next action by Iraq much costlier.”

Finally the Daily stresses that, “The time to finalize your revolutionary intentions about the Mojahedin is now.”

Iranian regime’s losing its head over the disgraceful raid of Camp Ashraf and the huge loss of life there was not limited to one article but hordes of supporting material and cheering by officials overwhelmed the Iranian regime websites and media.

One other sample of such expressions of support came from a Yahya Rahim Safavi, advisor to the Iranian so called Supreme Leader, Ali Khamanei.  He “praised the Iraqi Army for the recent attack on the strongholds of the anti-Iran terrorist Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO), and asked Baghdad to continue attacking the terrorist base until its destruction,” reported Fars News Agency, affiliated to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps forces.
The Iranian regime has two very good reasons to want Ashraf destroyed.  And both reasons correlate to its survival.

As the discontent towards the Ayatollahs grow inside Iran and waves of democratic crave overcomes the region, the Iranian regime becomes more than ever horrified by any type of resistance.  A true Iranian resistance is symbolized in Ashraf.  Thus, it does anything in its power to destroy the camp. 

On the other hand, to expand its defense line into the region, Iranian regime needs to have control of Iraq.  Ashraf is Iranian regime’s primary obstacle against completion of that goal which is to use that country to springboard into the rest of the Arab world and Middle East.

That is why for the Iranian mullahs, Ashraf must be destroyed at any cost.  And those two reasons are exactly why, we, the rest of the world, need Ashraf to stay there and survive.