COVID- 19 Death Toll in Iran Tops 61,800

coronavirus crisis in Iran
COVID- 19 Death Toll in Iran Tops 61,800
coronavirus crisis in Iran

According to the report by The People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI / MEK Iran) on, June 27, 2020, that the number of COVID-19 death tolls in 340 cities in Iran surged past 61,800.

As well as the devastating death toll from COVID-19 there is also one new case every 33 seconds. However, the regime does not want to admit the truth and says those who have died stands at just 10,364.

Here is a breakdown of current COVID-19 deaths, which does not include all provinces.

  • 4,720 in Khuzestan,
  • 3,670 in Razavi Khorasan,
  • 3,145 in Gilan,
  • 2,228 in Lorestan,
  • 1,575 in Golestan,
  • 635 in North Khorasan,
  • 580 in Hormozgan,
  • 561 in Bushehr,
  • 415 in Ilam.

Medical experts in Tehran are now claiming that COVID-19 is spreading at a “horrific” rate. Many hospitals, including Khomeini Hospital, are filled to breaking point. Many victims turn up at the hospital and once seen are sent home to recover. Around 20 percent of cases with severe symptoms need to be treated in a hospital, but not all are getting the ICU they need, so they are dying from COVID-19. The medical experts are expecting to see more than 100,000 cases, which means an even higher death toll.

The Iranian regime’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei agreed with the increase in new cases but has blamed this situation on officials for not taking the COVID-19 outbreak seriously. However, these were not his words uttered on March 3rd when at that time he said, “This is not such a major issue and there have been worse… This will not last so long in our country and it will all be forgotten.”

On Saturday, the regime’s Health Ministry reported 125 more deaths and 2,456 new cases in just the past 24-hours with 2,928 people in ICU.

The code red status provinces are these

  • Khuzestan,
  • Kermanshah,
  • Kurdistan,
  • Hormozgan,
  • West Azerbaijan,
  • Razavi Khorasan.

Those showing alarming conditions are:

  • East Azerbaijan,
  • Sistan & Baluchistan,
  • Bushehr,
  • Lorestan,

The ISNA news agency, which is state-run, quoted Iraj Harirchi, the deputy health minister, who said that every thirteen minutes someone loses their life to COVID-19, while every 33 seconds another person goes down with the virus.

Provinces’ COVID-19 reports

Zanjan Province

On Friday in Zanjan province 343 coronavirus cases were reported and 40 percent of tests were coming back positive. This is going to stretch medical facilities.

Golestan province

Reports for this province state that 20 percent of COVID-19 patients are now critical and are in ICU. 50 percent of the area and population of Golestan is now under a code-red classification

Hormozgan province

280 healthcare workers now have COVID-19 and 10,000 people throughout the province have COVID-19. 510 are hospitalized and hospitals are now full.

Ilam province

The medical science university health director has reported that the increase in COVID-19 cases is a worrying trend. The cases emerging now are 4 to 5 times higher than in February.

Kurdistan province.

A report issued by the dean of the medical sciences university said there are no more hospital beds left and oxygen is in short supply.

Qazvin province

The medical sciences university caretaker confirmed a steep increase in COVID-19 cases in the last 14 days which will have a serious impact on the hospital’s heart and neurology departments.


An Ardakan MP, who is in Yazd province, said Ardakan was experiencing a shortage of hospital beds and staff.

It is now not just the elderly who are contracting COVID-19, but young people are increasingly acquiring the virus and some young children are ending up in the hospital.