Iran: Regime's fear of popular support for the MEK and role of resistance units in nationwide protests

Following internal and international social protests against the arrest of youth and elite students by the regime's Revolutionary Guards, the government website Erja News tried yesterday to justify those arrests. The site acknowledged the social support for the PMOI/MEK (Mojahedin) in Iran, showing the regime's deep-seated fear of an uprising and the role of the pro-MEK Iran youth in organizing protests.

It wrote: "For two years now, the hypocrites (Mojahedin) have been waking up thousands of their dormant cells, calling them resistance units and sending them for destruction and operation under a centralized command. Even after the November 2019 protests, their evil leader sent a message: "The victorious strategy of the freedom army was tested in the centers, neighborhoods and insurgent cities" (leader of hypocrites-November 2019). He admits that there is no conspiracy in which the hypocrites do not play a significant role."

The Khamenei gang's website mentioned the inevitable acknowledgment by the Supreme Leader of the MEK's role in the uprising and nationwide protests, especially in the rebellions of January 2018, November 2019 and January 2020. It wrote: "It is no wonder that Khamenei has repeatedly warned over the past two years about an insidious enemy, has called on the Basijis to be ready in every city and neighborhood, and orders the entire body of the regime to confront the enemy. Now that the sworn enemy of the regime has awakened its dormant cells, we must also rise in full defense of the regime and the revolution."

Erja News explained the leading cause of the clerical regime's horror of the activities of the pro-MEK Iran insurgent youth and resistance units, whose news, images and clips are broadcast daily by the Resistance satellite television for millions of Iranians inside and outside Iran. It wrote: "Especially during the past two years, Simay-e-Azadi and other media outlets of this grouplet … broadcast every night images of operations of operational teams in exploding Bassij centers, seminaries, etc. although, during this time, agents of the Ministry of Intelligence also sought to counter these actions with intensive work. The vital question is, what happened that we are witnessing such events during these two years? And more importantly, what is the MEK Iran plan and especially their leader, Massoud Rajavi, whose enmity with the regime and the revolution is well established. "           

This government outlet then spoke of the role and position of the Iranian resistance and the MEK Iran in resisting the regime and their four-decades-old resistance that despite execution, torture and imprisonment of more than 120,000 martyrs, has become the nightmare of the ruling mullahs, and wrote:

"To answer, we have to go back to the 1980s and '90s with a flashback. The generations of those days of revolution remember well how the hypocrites' operational teams carried out dozens and hundreds of operations every day against the sincere forces of the IRGC and the Basij."

Erja News confessed to the regime's strategic failure to eliminate the MEK Iran and to prevent their victorious and unified transfer to Albania, after 14 years of bombing and terrorist operations by the regime and its mercenaries in Iraq. This has turned them into role models and a source of motivation for millions of young Iranians, who now call for the overthrow of the regime. It acknowledged the root cause of the crackdown in Iran and wrote: "Between 2002 and 2017 ... many naive elements thought that the MEK issue was settled." In the meantime, it was Mr. (Khamenei) who was warning about the enemy who was waiting for an opportunity: "Let's get to know the enemy... If you fall asleep in the trenches in front of the enemy, this doesn't mean that he is asleep too. He is awake" (Supreme Leader, February 23, 2020).

Referring to the MEK’s social base in Iran, especially among the youth, Erja News asked: "What were these warnings for? With his unique wisdom and insight, especially with his in-depth knowledge of (the Mojahedin) and Massoud Rajavi, he knew that they had not given up on the regime and, as soon as an opportunity arose, they will re-engage in operations ... against the Islamic Republic holy regime. And that's what happened. "

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