Iran’s Regime facing Unprecedented Challenge to its Authority

Recent facts have revealed that the regime is in serious trouble as on 18th May an Iranian MP Fereydoun Ahmadi, as reported by the regime's Farhang radio, said in Parliament that the way the ordinary people are being treated by the justice system is no longer acceptable and does not guarantee that such people are being treated fairly. 

He carried on to say that the judiciary and the way oppressed people are treated is merely a cover-up for the government’s mismanagement and country’s inability to govern in a fair manner. Decision making needs to change and sooner the better.

The People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI / MEK) announced on Thursday, May 21, 2020, that the Coronavirus death toll in 319 cities had exceeded 43,300

Many wrong decisions are made which has led to economic instability and financial hardship for the people and it causes unrest.  The reason for this should not be concealed and people shouldn’t be imprisoned or executed for protesting. The fact of the matter is that the United State’s withdrawal from the JCPOA has been detrimental to Iran as it has the present sanctions. Also at the same time Iran’s industry has collapsed taking with it the automobile industry.  This doesn’t mean ordinary people should be punished when they protest about the financial consequences of these events. Eliminating economic activists will not solve the country’s problems Fereydoun Ahmadi said.  We have to find other ways to solve these problems.

Some reprieve was given to imprisoned activists when tens of thousands of prisoners were released due to the spread of coronavirus. However, there are still many left in the prisons who are there because of their protests against Iran’s economic and social conditions due to the current regime’s performance. This is all made worse by the fact that evidence used to put them in prison wasn’t necessarily fair and accurate.

When we were elected said Fereydoun Ahmadi we told the people that they were safe in our hands and that their rights were protected and ministers were held accountable for their actions. However over the past 4 years the people haven’t been protected at all and they know it but we are executing and imprisoning them when they try to express their opinions. This is not the solution let’s be clear about that.

Fereydoun Ahmadi concluded with this statement: “Gentlemen, this chamber (the regime) is forty years old. Woe to God if the decisions have been like this since the beginning of the revolution. What houses have been unjustly destroyed? Today, the situation is more extreme than at the beginning of the revolution. New young people have grown up from the rotten bones of Khalkhali and the Khalkhali laughs at them in his grave.”

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