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Tehran and al-Qaeda agree to cooperate in Iraq against U.S. forces

ImageStop Fundamentalism – Informed sources in the Gulf reported that Iran’s Revolutionary Guards have agreed with al-Qaeda Organization to cooperate in Iraq to fight U.S. forces and foment unrest.

The sources disclosed that Soleiman Abu Qaith, former al-Qaeda spokesman is kept in Iran.

They explained that the Revolutionary Guards asked the al-Qaeda organization to ready its agents in “Kousheh Laghar” town, close to Iran–Afghanistan border.

Tehran may attack its own football team to blame opposition

Stop Fundamentalism â€“ Radio Farda reported that the Interior Minister of Germany’s Bayern Province said in an interview with the German paper Die Welt, that insistence of Islamic Republic officers regarding a possible attack on the residence of the Iranian football team by opposition groups is suspicious.

Mr Günter Beck Stein says the security officers of the Islamic Republic may themselves do the attacking and put the blame on the opposition, especially the Mujahedin-e Khalq, to arouse international condemnation against them.

Iran after establishing “strategic position” in Gulf

Iran Iraq borderStop Fundamentalism – A prominent Arab daily, Al-Hayat, on May 5 accused Iran of trying to establish a “strategic position” in the Gulf region by dominating Iraq with the support of Iraqi political parties which it backs.

Tehran’s rulers were working relentlessly to take advantage of the political situation in Iraq by making sure that groups they support and fund come to power, the daily al-Hayat wrote in its Thursday edition.

The daily said that Iran was hoping to dominate “the region which is known in the Western world as the Eastern Gate.”

5,000 centrifuges secretly produced to enrich uranium

iran nuclearAften Posten, May 6, Norway – Parviz Khazaii, representative of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, in an interview with the Norwegian newspaper, said, “The Iranian regime has clandestinely produced 5,000 centrifuges that can be used to enrich uranium.”

Khazaii who was Iran’s ambassador to Norway till 1982 when he left his position said this information has been obtained from resistance sources inside Iran.

Khazaii added that Iran is also working on the P-2 centrifuge which is four times faster.

Accept nuclear Iran or go to war: Mullahs claim

Nima Sharif

iran nuclearOkay; the international community has had it with Tehran’s clerics running a fundamentalist government there.  They have had it with mullahs’ aspiration to acquire nuclear weapons; mullahs just can’t be trusted with the technology. 

And the mullahs’ meddling in Iraq is also unbearable.  This country will not see a day of peace as long as the Iranian regime is sitting next to its boarders trying to extend the rule of its backwards version of Islamic Fundamentalism through Iraq to the whole Middle East. Correctly, Jalal Talebani, Iraq’s President told reporters recently that even the Iraqi insurgents consider Iran their most immediate and dangerous enemy.

And the terrorism this government finances and supports throughout the world is also unacceptable.  Not mentioning the dreadful situation of Human Rights and oppression of the people inside of Iran which is unbecoming of a country in today’s civilized world.

Further more, you can’t reason with Iran.  The mullahs played with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) for 18 years hiding some of the most advanced nuclear enrichment and processing facilities from them. 

Iran’s Ahmadinejad Shock-and-Awe Diplomacy

Nima Sharif

Mahmoud AhmadinejadThe surprising and unprecedented letter wrote by Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, to President George W. Bush Monday, was dismissed by the United States as “irrelevant and devoid of any concrete proposals” despite the international row it created.

Ahmadinejad in his letter expressed grave concern about the “failure of democracy in the world,” a striking statement from the biggest dictator of our time.

The letter also speaks of atrocities that still exist around the world, "How much longer will the blood of the innocent men, women and children be spilled on the streets, and people’s houses destroyed over their heads?” With over 150 executions since Ahmadinejad took office one may wonder which government he is referring to.

Who is Mehdi Akhoond-Zade?

Mehdi Akhoond-Zade BastiJudge Antinn of the Swiss Magistrate quite recently issued an international arrest warrant for Ali Fallahian, a top Iranian security chief and Iran’s Minister of Intelligence in the early 1990s.  This arrest warrant unveiled a state terrorist record after 16 years. The propitiators in Iran thought that they can get away with it counting yet again on the inaction of the European governments when it came to the ruling clerical regime in Iran.

Stop Fundamentalism has recently learnt through its sources that the commander and designer of the Swiss attack on the Iranian human rights activist, Professor Kazem Rajavi is currently assigned as the Iranian ambassador to Germany.

Issue 43

Friends of Humanity Newsletter )
Issue 43 May 6 2006
In this issue

  • Iran’s Ahmadinejad named predator of press freedom.
  • Iranians aspire to overthrow mullahs
  • Iran, is waging war the only way?
  • Mullahs’ double talk
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  • April 30, 1945 Hitler committed suicide. One week later, May 7 and 8, Nazi Germany’s army surrendered. And that was the final scene of the biggest war in written human history that claimed the lives of 55 million people.

    Those days the Fascist state considered any discontent and opposition to the war as a betrayal. Hitler called his expansionism, extending German’s motherland and he depicted his war as a National war aiming to get back what was taken away from Germany. With no shame, he considered the war a defensive one.


    Ironically at the same time when German tanks were maneuvering around in Belgium getting ready to overtake France, Hitler’s party staged an anti-war demonstration in Saarbrucken. The Nazi peace advocates chanted, “Why fight? Let’s be friends” or, “We condemn war.”
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    Iran’s Ahmadinejad named predator of press freedom.

    May 4, 2006 (Stop Fundamentalism) – Reporters without boarders named Mahmoud Ahmadinejad the new president of Iran who took office in 2005, as a predator of press freedom.

    This exclusive club maintained by the organization expanded in 2005 to include Ahmadinejad, due to making inflammatory remarks as soon as he took office, forcing many newspapers to closedown.

    Iranians aspire to overthrow mullahs

    Falling into the hands of the United Nations Security Council, Iranian mullahs are now trying any possibility to slowdown the decision making process to somehow pass this crisis.

    On one hand the mullahs are threatening that they are now a “nuclear power” and incase of any measure by the Security Council “Iran will change its behavior.”

    The mullahs’ regime tried to misuse the International May Day to divert the worker demonstrators’ aims to display support for its nuclear weapons program; a plan that the brave Iranian workers, by denouncing regimes policies, did not let succeed.

    Iran, is waging war the only way?

    There is a lot of talk and concern expressed recently in the news media about a possible war against Iran. While the concerns are real, and I share in those concerns; there is one important aspect that should not be ignored. It is important that in avoiding war we be careful not to fall for the ploys of an Islamic fascist dictator in Iran who is trying to use our peaceful aspirations to buy time to proceed with his own evil plans.

    We live at a critical period in history. What we choose to do can on the one hand bring peace and freedom to the whole world, including the Middle East or it can give way to the likes of another Hitler left free to do the unthinkable. Very soon we – the supporters of peace — will be forced into another war similar to World War II or even worse.

    Mullahs’ double talk

    May 1, 2006 (Stop Fundamentalism) – According to our sources in Iran, shortly after the announcement about direct takes between Iran and the U.S. on Mullahs’ meddling in Iraqi affairs, Tehran rulers, fearful about the effect the news would have in the ranks of their Security Forces and in a desperate attempt to minimize its’ disappointing setbacks among regime allies in the Middle East, Iran’s Foreign Ministry issued a classified directive to its’ embassies in Islamic nations "briefing everyone to curb misinterpretation of the concept".

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    Talebani: Iraq’s armed groups see Iran as their main enemy, not U.S.

    Al-Hurra TV, May 3, Iraq — The Iraqi President Jalal Talabani said he has met with several of armed groups of Iraq.

    "The new government of Iraq will be able to overcome terrorism within one year." Talabani stressed.

    Iran to launch “Judgment Day” plan if attacked by US

    iran terrorismOriginal article translated from: Asharq Al-Awsat daily

    May 8 (Stop Fundamentalism) – Eight fundamentalist Islamist organizations have received large sums of money in the last month from the Iranian intelligence services, as part of a project to strike U.S military and economic installations across the Middle East Asharq Al-Awsat has learned.