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Row over cartoons boils as Europe leaders urge calm

Muslim protesters burn Danish Flag

Muslim protesters burn Danish Flag

By Kerstin Gehmlich

Fri Feb 3, 2006, PARIS (Reuters) – European leaders called on Friday for restraint as Muslims staged growing protests over cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad they consider blasphemous and more newspapers reprinted the images in the name of press freedom.

Muslim protesters in Indonesia, Turkey and the Palestinian West Bank staged violent demonstrations against the caricatures of the Prophet, one with a turban resembling a bomb.

"I am concerned … about this escalation we have seen over the last few days," said Austrian Foreign Minister Ursula Plassnik, whose country holds the European Union’s presidency.

"From my point of view it is high time to take a step back and make an effort to see things with each other’s eyes and heart. The language or gestures of threats gets us nowhere," she told a news conference in Vienna.

Belgian security chief resigns over Iran nuke sale

Iran Nuclear Activities

Iran Nuclear Standoff continues

London, Feb. 01 (Stop Fundamentalism) – The head of the Belgian federal security service (VS) was forced to resign after it emerged that his force oversaw sales of machines related to nuclear weapons production to Iran.

Internal sources reveal bomb production

Stop Fundamentalism Special Report

Tehran, Feb 1, 2006 (Stop Fundamentalism) – Tehran has successfully procured two types of equipment, the Hot Isostatic Press and the Hot Press, to shape enriched uranium as part of nuclear weapons production at the “Materials and Energy Research Centre” (Pazhuheshgah-e Mavad va Enerzhi.)

The MERC site, located on the edge of Meshkin-Dasht near Karaj, forty kilometres west of the Iranian capital, was operating under the cover of a scientific and industrial research centre affiliated to the Ministry of Science and is run under the direction of Dr. Fatollah Moztarzadeh.

No more threats, Britain warns Iran

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

01 Feb 2006 (CBC News) – The president of Iran says his country will continue its nuclear program, as a top British official warned Tehran against making threats while dealing with the international community.

Iran to resume nuclear enrichment

Iran's Nuclear Threat

Iran’s Nuclear Threat

Tehran, Iran, Feb. 01 (Stop Fundamentalism) – Iran’s chief nuclear negotiator confirmed on Wednesday that the Islamic Republic would resume uranium enrichment activities and end snap inspections of its nuclear facilities if its was either referred or reported to the United Nations Security Council.

Iran invites Blair to anti-Holocaust conference

Tehran, Iran, Jan. 30 (Stop Fundamentalism) – Iran invited British Prime Minister Tony Blair on Sunday to an anti-Holocaust conference it plans to hold, the state-run ISNA news agency reported.
Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Hamid-Reza Asefi told reporters during his weekly press conference, “I think that it would be good if Mr. Blair takes part in the seminar on the Holocaust in Tehran. Of course, he can make the case in support of the Holocaust and at the same time hear the points of views that he cannot listen to there”.

Major powers try to close ranks over Iran N-row

Iran Natanze nuclear plant

Iran Natanze nuclear plant

LONDON, January 30 (Stop Fundamentalism) – The five permanent members of the UN Security Council and Germany meet in London on Monday to try to bridge broad differences over the Iran nuclear program, which the West fears is a covert grab for atomic weapons, AFP reported.

The United States and three major European powers Britain, France and Germany have been pushing for a UN Security Council meeting, which could lead to sanctions against Iran.
Russia and China, both both veto-wielding members of the UN Security Council with ties to Iran, have been reluctant to back immediate UN action.

Iran: The all new Russia and China game

As we get closer to the scheduled 6 nation meeting in London on Monday, January 30th, that is supposed to discuss a draft resolution to refer Iran to the UN Security Council for its secret nuclear weapons program at the next meeting of IAEA board of governors on February 2nd, Tehran Mullahs anxiously, as they did not expect this to happen until March, are trying to somehow join up with Russia and China to stop the matter from escalating further.

Russia and China are two permanent members of the UN Security Council and have veto power along with France, Briton and the United States.