Iran: Officials and Media Report on Worsening Social and Economic Crises

Political Prisoners
The country’s judiciary is also summoning individuals with family ties to the (PMOI / MEK Iran) and threatening them so as they do not participate in any anti-regime activities.

Political Prisoners

Iran has been hit with crisis after crisis over the past few years. The economic problems have been getting worse over the past few years because of the regime’s widespread corruption and extreme mismanagement. There have also been many social crises that are not improving, including unemployment, widespread poverty, injustice, discrimination, and so on. And of course, the current Coronavirus health crisis is wreaking havoc across the country.

Because of these many crises, regime officials and state-run media outlets are warning that there could be a new wave of anti-regime protests that threaten the regime’s survival.

During the latest public session of Parliament, some members spoke about the current economic crisis that they acknowledge had been made worse by institutionalized corruption. This is very telling because many regime officials have said time and time again that the country’s economic problems are due to sanctions. One MP pointed out that economic growth for the past eight years has been negative, purchasing power for the people is on the decline and that the cost of goods is skyrocketing.

With regards to the claims that the economic problems are due to sanctions, the state-run Asia publication wrote a few days ago: “It is not possible to blame all the economic shortcomings of the country on sanctions, and an important part of the economic problems must be sought within the country’s management system.”

Another publication also said that the people of Iran are living through some of the most difficult social conditions in recent times and that many are unable to afford the most essential of amenities, including housing, food, health, and education. It also said that the young people of Iran face a very bleak future as the situation currently stands.

During the same public session of Parliament, there was a continuance of the infighting that has been observed over the past few years. Factions were blaming their opponents for the problems. Once again, officials were more concerned with blaming each other than actually working towards a solution. Seyed Mostafa Mir-Salim questioned where the “20 billion euros and 60 tons of gold that came out of the nation’s treasury” went.

The People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran  (PMOI / MEK Iran), is a major threat to the regime’s existence and the MEK has been instrumental in drawing the world’s attention to the regime’s crimes and corruption 

The regime is very concerned about its survival. It knows that another uprising will precipitate its demise and it is doing everything it can to prevent further dissent in society. This is why the authorities are cracking down on political prisoners, in particular those that were arrested during protests in the past few years.

The National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) also indicated that public places such as parks, public places, and street vendors were shut down in an attempt to contain the protests.  

The mullahs’ regime tried to show that the MEK as a nuisance, not a threat to its existence. But, in recent months it has acknowledged the MEK resistance unit and the MEK supporters across the country, is the regime’s biggest domestic enemy. 

Authorities are also trying to create an atmosphere of fear and the regime is trying to convince the people that it is in a position of strength. This is no doubt why the regime went ahead with the execution of wrestling champion Navid Afkari a few weeks ago, despite the international campaign calling for his life to be spared.

State-run Ebtekar publication wrote at the end of July that the current situation cannot last much longer. It wrote: “We have been through the warning point for a long time. If the starving people’s movement is fully established, there will be nothing left. This society has reached its boiling point many times, but it has stalled for whatever reason. November [nationwide protests] was just the partial rising of the starving people. If there is no positive and fundamental change in the current situation, sooner or later, a fire will ignite; a fire that will burn everything.”

MEK families and MEK supporters inside Iran continue to be targeted by the regime. Many of them have been arrested and imprisoned, solely for their support of the organization.