Iran Defends Human Rights in France

Stop Fundamentalism – Guess who is most concerned about the rights of protesters in the ongoing anti-retirement-age-reform strikes in France?  Surprisingly, it is the Iranian Parliament.

Tabnak, an Iranian state-run daily, reported that the head of Iranian Parliamentary Committee for Defending Human Rights has submitted a letter to General Secretary of United Nations, Ban Ki-moon, complaining about violation of human rights of protesters in France.

The act of mockery by the Iranian Parliament is in fact a reaction of the Iranian regime to international outcry about the widespread violation of human rights in Iran.

The committee head, Zohre Allahian, in an interview with Iranian reporters suggested President Nicolas Sarkozy to listen to the demands of the people in France and condemned the treatment of the protesters by the French police and security forces saying it is “Against international commitments,”  and expressed hope that international organizations would act to defend the rights of people of France and live up to their responsibilities.