Iran’s New President Ebrahim Raisi should be Banned from Entering Europe

Iran’s New President Ebrahim Raisi
(PMOI / MEK Iran) and (NCRI): Iran’s New President Ebrahim claimed that he accepted the 'Heroic flexibility' due to the insistence of the then-officials and that he would retreat in front of the United States.

The National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), and the People’s Mujahedin of Iran (PMOI / MEK Iran), reported that Iran’s ‘president-elect’, Ebrahim Raisi, is set to take office in August following a sham election. As per the Tehran Times, he may visit Scotland for the first time as president.

United Nations Climate Change Conference

Raisi has been invited to the COP26 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, which will take place from October 31 to November 12. The summit will bring together heads of state, climate experts, and campaigners to work out a plan to combat climate change. Over 30,000 delegates are anticipated to participate, including 200 world leaders.

Raisi has been sanctioned by the United States for a series of abuses of human rights. In the summer of 1988, he openly boasted about his role as a member of the “death commission” that oversaw the massacre of more than 30,000 political detainees. The majority of individuals killed, including many teens and even pregnant women, were Mojahedin-e Khalq (PMOI / MEK Iran), sympathizers.

(PMOI / MEK Iran) and (NCRI): Ebrahim Raisi, a mass murderer of MEK activists and political prisoners appointed as head of the Iranian regime’s Judiciary.

Amnesty International

Amnesty International’s secretary-general, Agnès Callamard, has demanded Raisi be probed for crimes against humanity, as well as his complicity in executions, enforced disappearances, and torture. Raisi should not be permitted to enter Scotland.

Raisi’s arrival into the United Kingdom must be prohibited by the UK government and the Scottish government which is hosting the summit. He is the president of a pariah state, and he deserves to be treated as such.

(NCRI) and (PMOI / MEK Iran): Free Iran World Summit 2021 Aftermath of the Regime’s Manipulated Presidential Election.

The tyrannical dictatorship

The tyrannical dictatorship reported that the overall turnout of the electorate was 48.9% following Raisi’s election. Fearing mullah-sponsored disinformation, MEK resistance units meticulously monitored polling stations across the country, estimating that genuine turnout was less than 10% owing to a widespread boycott.

The mullahs staged a major security operation to attempt to conceal the fact that the Iranian people were resolved to boycott the election in open protest against the clerical regime’s persecution, corruption, and misrule. They were outraged that Iran’s supreme leader, the elderly Ali Khamenei, had interfered with the election by dismissing all candidates who could have threatened Raisi’s candidacy.

(NCRI) and (PMOI / MEK Iran): Maryam Rajavi – Boycotting this election

Widespread protests and demonstrations

Petrochemical workers, farmers, retirees, pharmacists, investors who have been scammed out of their savings, have participated in widespread protests and demonstrations in the days following the election.

They seek higher pay and working conditions, as well as fair pensions. They demand the elimination of corruption, and more effective response to the coronavirus pandemic, which has killed over 330,500 people in Iran.

(NCRI) and (PMOI / MEK Iran): announced on Friday, July 16, 2021, that the Coronavirus death toll in 547 cities is more than 330,500.

The demonstrations have aggravated

However, the demonstrations have aggravated the bankrupt state’s difficulties. The mullahs’ sole surviving lifeline has been the inconsistent, sanctions-busting sale of oil and gas, with mounting inflation, a crumbling currency, and 75 percent of Iranians forced to exist on daily incomes below the international poverty line.

The petrochemical workers’ strike has severed this lifeline, and the mullahs are fearful that the escalating protests may bring their medieval dictatorship to an end.

(PMOI / MEK Iran) and (NCRI): Oil and Petrochemical contract workers’ strike continues.

The UN, US, EU must stop appeasing the mullahs’ regime

It’s past time for the UN, the US, and the EU to stop appeasing the Iranian regime and abandon all attempts to resurrect the nuclear deal in favor of seeking Raisi’s immediate indictment for crimes against humanity in international courts.

Iran’s incoming president should not be permitted to visit the Wes. The UK and Scottish governments must oppose any attempt to bring him to Scotland.

Europe’s Failure to Press Hard on Iran
(NCRI) and (PMOI / MEK Iran): Europe’s Failure to Press Hard on Iran Allows the Regime to Act With Impunity

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