Iranian Youth Conference Marks November 2019 Uprising, Vowing to Continue Struggle for Freedom.

Iranian youth
It was a genuine example of a revolt and a struggle to overthrow the regime. Its driving force was the deprived but aware youths inspired by Resistance Units. It was an example that implemented the strategy of the (PMOI / MEK Iran), the strategy of MEK Resistance Units, and the Rebellious Cities.

Iranian youth

On Tuesday 10 November Iranian youth in exile held a major online conference, marking the first anniversary of Iran’s nationwide November 2019 uprising, that took place in over 190 cities across the country. The youth of Iran vows to continue the struggle against the Iranian regime for a free and democratic Iran.

The conference honored the great bravery of the Iranian people during the 2019 uprising, as well as the valiant efforts of the network of “resistance units” inside Iran. The resistance units are a vast network across Iran that works directly with the Iranian regime opposition, the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI / MEK Iran).

President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran’s (NCRI), Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, was the keynote speaker of the conference. Many other international dignitaries were also in attendance, calling upon the global community to stand firmly against the regime and hold senior officials of the theocratic regime accountable for their ongoing crimes against humanity.

NCRI President-elect Maryam Rajavi

“The uprising in November 2019 was neither indiscriminate nor spontaneous… It had no ties with any of the regime’s factions and no connections to any world power or government. On the contrary, the November uprising emanated from the Iranian people’s independent and liberating resolve.”

It was a genuine example of a revolt and a struggle to overthrow the regime. Its driving force was the deprived but aware youths inspired by Resistance Units. It was an example that implemented the strategy of the (PMOI / MEK Iran), the strategy of MEK Resistance Units, and the Rebellious Cities.

In November 2019, the regime began killing protesters from the onset. The slaughter took on a much greater scale on November 17, upon Khamenei’s order. He told his suppressive agencies to ‘fulfill their duties’ with regard to the protesters. This was an order for a ruthless massacre.

The clear and definitive conclusion of the developments of the past year since the November uprising is that there will be an irreversible and overpowering face-off between the Iranian society and religious fascism. From a political standpoint, this is the beginning of the destruction of the foundations of the regime by the Iranian people and ultimately uprooting it.”

Íngrid Betancourt, former Colombian senator, and presidential candidate

“Today, we’re honoring not only the dead but also the living, the immense network of (PMOI / MEK Iran) supporters who are operating across the country despite the immense threat to their lives. They should be entitled to make their choice by casting their votes not risking their lives. That is why Iran’s people are demanding regime change, not petty reforms.

The (PMOI / MEK Iran) has shown it has the national leadership and international support to make Iran’s democratic transition. We must work together to make sure our leaders understand it is in our interest to recognize the Iranian people’s right to fight for democracy. We are all bound together in this quest for justice and freedom. No more appeasement for the criminal mullahs ruling Iran.”

Swedish MP Magnus Oscarsson

“We need to work for democracy in Iran. We need change, a standard democracy. In different cities, people are rising up and saying it’s enough. It’s time for Sweden to support Iranian democracy. My friends, don’t give up, we stand with you in this struggle for freedom and fundamental rights.”

British MP Theresa Villiers, former Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

“The responsibility and task of bringing lasting change to Iran lay with the Iranian people. The nationwide protests that have been ongoing since November last year prove that the people of Iran and their Resistance movement led by Madam Rajavi are up to the task and continue until final victory. The UK and other Western democracies must stand with them as the era of religious dictatorship in Iran are coming to an end.”

Behrouz Maghsoudi, representative of the Iranian Youths Association in Norway

“1. Iranian society is in an explosive state. The only solution for Iran is the overthrow of the regime

  1. The November 2019 protests showed that the people endorse the strategy of Resistance Units and rebellion to overthrow this regime. There is no solution to this regime.
  2. The regime considers the Iranian Resistance as its main threat and will not refrain from any crime to eliminate the opposition.
  3. There’s a need for a firm policy to prevent the regime’s terrorism. All embassies of the regime must be shut down. The IRGC and the Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) must be designated as terrorist entities.
  4. We want the freedom of all political prisoners.”

Dr. Ramesh Seperad, Adjunct Faculty at George Mason University

“Generation after generation, the people of Iran have stood and supported the MEK. The resistance has its roots in Iranian society.

The regime’s demonization campaigns against the leaders and members of the MEK have only strengthened the Iranian Resistance. The MEK is the focal point of hope for the youth of Iran. The Resistance has proven that if we believe and remain committed to our desire to bring freedom, we will prevail.”

Omid Behrooz, spokesperson of the Iranian Associations in Norway

“The main strategy for change in Iran lies in disbanding the IRGC, not working with them as some have proposed. The symbol of this strategy is the Resistance Units. This is the solution that the regime is afraid of, and the reason why the regime is focused on terrorism and propaganda against the Iranian Resistance.

Hail to the MEK Resistance Units, who are the key to democratic change in Iran.”

Niloofar Alamian, member of the MEK

“We are proud of this generation that has stood up against the monstrous, blood-thirsty regime and is treading the path of overthrowing this regime, which was started by Iranian Resistance Leader Massoud Rajavi and continues to this day.

We were thrilled to see the women of my country leading the protests and being the first to chant “down with Khamenei.” Hearing these stories reminded me of the stories of my brave sisters in Ashraf, Iraq, who resisted against the brutal proxy forces of the Iranian regime. We have learned from Maryam Rajavi that we can and we must.”

Mitchell Reiss, Director of Policy Planning at the Department of State (2003-2005), US Special Envoy for Northern Ireland (2003-2007)

“These protests took place because the Iranian people only wish what people all over the world wish for – the basic human right to live in freedom, to raise your family without fear, to elect honest officials who will represent your best interests and not steal from you, and to live a life of dignity.

Your courage and bravery in the face of the regime’s violence and repression are inspiring.

This is a regime that once more revealed its true nature in how it responded to the protests. This is a regime that is fundamentally weak and unsure of itself, not strong and self-confident. This is a regime that resorts to violence to silence the voices of the people. Above all, this is a regime that fears the MEK and what it stands for.

The heroic protests we witnessed last year are part of larger trends that are strengthening the opposition and weakening the regime in Tehran. A democratic future for Iran is closer today than ever before.”

Princess Zamaa Swazi Dlamini-Mandela, human rights activist and granddaughter of the late South African President Nelson Mandela

“The Iranian people are in need of peace, justice, and political prosperity. The people of Iran reject tyranny and demand freedom.

As a global village, we are each responsible to stand up and stand together with the people of Iran. As we honor the martyrs of November 2019, we must remember there is no easy path to freedom. Let us stand together in solidarity and compassion and support Mrs. Rajavi’s plan for the future of Iran.”

Theresa Payton, White House Chief Information Officer for President George W. Bush

 “Iran’s goal is to drive positive news about its current regime and manipulate its own people to ensure undying support for its political interests. The regime bans social media but its officials have access to them.

The world needs to come together and dedicate ourselves to enable the citizens of Iran to achieve a free Iran. We must help the people of Iran share news about threats to their desire for freedom and democracy. We must have an active threat-hunting effort against the regime’s attempts on the opposition.”

Belgian Senator Else Ampe

“The Iranian government’s violence is condemned by the UN and Amnesty International. I demand the immediate release of all protesters detained in justified protests. The people of Iran can’t even speak their minds.

To the people of Iran, your victory will be cherished and your path will be followed. You are the future of Iran and you will prevail.”

MEK member Behnam Karimi

The generations who for decades were bombarded by regime propaganda are now stepping foot in the path of the MEK. The regime will not refrain from any means to stay in power. The regime is engaged in widespread propaganda efforts against the MEK to justify killing their members and supporters. The regime fears the MEK because they are organized and united, with the will and power to fight for freedom…The MEK is fighting for the rights of every Iranian individual.

On the anniversary of the November 2019 uprising, we commit to continue the fight for freedom. New days are coming. We are on the path toward the spring of Iran.”

Norwegian MP Geir Sigbjorn Toskedal, Member of the Foreign Affairs Committee

“I want to emphasize that the Iranian population is among the youngest populations in the world with more than 40% born after the 1979 revolution. They were born and raised under the current dictatorship but on every occasion, they have shown their desire for freedom and democratic values that we cherish in the West.

Last year 1,500 protesters, mostly young people but including dozens of children were massacred in hundreds of cities across Iran. Indiscriminate shootings by the regime’s IRGC and security forces, including snipers, created a shockwave across the world. However, I believe firmly that the international response to a crime of this magnitude was not adequate at all and we need to do a lot more. Re-imposing UN sanctions against this brutal regime are amongst them.”

Neda Amani, women’s football team coach in Switzerland

“We Iranian youth despise appeasement and appeasers who stand with the Iranian regime and don’t recognize our people’s rights.

We will stand against the appeasement policy and will not allow any government to support the tyrannical goals of the regime. We will overthrow this regime.

Whether the regime and its appeasers like it or not, the voice of our people is echoed by MEK Resistance Units.”

Ali Fatemi, President of the Iranian Youth Association of Luxembourg

“The slogan “Down with Khamenei!” echoed in every town and street. This is a movement that continues, and we’ve seen it on numerous occasions after the November 2019 protests.

This uprising also showed the unprecedented role of the MEK, which was certified by Khamenei himself and other regime officials.”

Amir Seifi from the Iranian community of Ireland 

“The regime tried to dissolve us into its system through repression and brainwashing. But many of us chose resistance and rebellion and every day, our ranks are growing.

In 2017, Iran’s students targeted by the regime’s reformism propaganda chanted, “Reformists, principalists, the game is over.”

In recent years, the brave MEK Resistance Units have been growing. These are the new liberation army of the people of Iran.”

MEK member Sara Rahili

“During the November 2019 protests, I saw myself with all the families who lost their loved ones. I remembered the days of the summer of 1988 when my father was executed by the regime along with 30,000 other prisoners. We weren’t even allowed to commemorate the dead. We were not even told where they were buried.

The November 2019 protests were the continuation of that movement and proof that the struggle for freedom continues. To all the families of the martyrs, I say that their blood and sacrifice has not been in vain. We will continue their path. This is our commitment. “

Martin Patzelt, Member of the German Bundestag

“The regime tries to defame the resistance movement, but it no longer helps the regime in holding on to power. The resistance is gaining more credibility inside Iran and across the globe. The protests in 2018 and 2019 showed the entire world that the regime’s claims that the MEK is a small movement are not true.

In Europe, we must denounce Iran’s terrorism and protect the members of the resistance. We must join the call of Maryam Rajavi for an international independent commission to look into the situation of detained protesters. We must recognize that the regime is a threat to our democracy.”

Italian Senator Roberto Rampi

“We in the West have the obligation to support the call of Maryam Rajavi to send a delegation to investigate the situation in Iran’s prisons.

The reason for the regime’s behavior is a weak behavior by the European Union. The EU must ask the regime why one of its diplomats was involved in a terror attempt. We must support the resistance and fight this regime.”

Kimmo Sassi, Former Finnish Minister, and MP

The Iranian regime is nervous and terrified of popular protests. I believe in democracy, human rights, the rule of law, and a market economy free of corruption. Democracy is the main guarantee for a good future. History shows that freedom eventually prevails and dictatorship fails. What can we do to support the Iranian people? We in the international community must stand with the Iranian people. We need sanctions against the regime’s leaders. They must know there’s no escape from responsibility for their crimes. Cooperation with Iran must start when Iran has a democratic government.”

Marica Montemaggi, MP from San Marino

“The Iranian people want to get rid of the theocratic regime and they want true democracy. Iran has thousands of people who have been imprisoned and are suffering torture. We can’t remain silent in this situation. We must support the NCRI, which is working for peace and peaceful coexistence with the int’l community. We in San Marino support the ten-point plan of Madam Rajavi. We stand on the side of democracy and the people of Iran.”

Italian MP Chiara Gribaudo

“An independent mission must investigate the situation of prisons in Iran. We are very worried about the situation of prisoners, including the tortures and conditions they are enduring, as well as the executions that are taking place.

The regime must allow an independent mission to visit prisons. The European Union has an important role. This is a geopolitical problem that must be analyzed thoroughly. The EU must respond to the request of Maryam Rajavi to prevent further torture.”

MEK member Amir Pasha Borjkhani

“The mullahs have used every means to prevent their inevitable downfall. The mullahs are constantly saying they are afraid of another uprising. They are humiliating youths in the streets. There are many signs of Iran’s society being on the verge of an explosion.

The regime’s lobbies are using different fronts and pretexts in the West to demonize the MEK. We are proud to follow Massoud Rajavi and Maryam Rajavi, and our identity as MEK members. These tactics are now failing and will not bring security for the regime. We are committed to overthrowing this regime, and together with the Resistance Units, we will achieve this.”

Elaheh Zabihian from the Iranian community in the UK

“The people of Iran collectively rejected the religious fascism ruling Iran in recent uprisings. The regime’s terror plot against the Iranian Resistance in 2018 was the regime’s response to the people’s uprisings, which utterly failed.

The regime is desperate regarding the continued activities of MEK Resistance Units, which show the overthrow of the regime is not only a national desire but a reality that will soon come to pass.”

Hasti Hesami, Medical Dosimetrist representing the Iranian American Community of North Texas

“There is a will to stand up in Iran. This is the kind of will we see in Ashraf, where the regime tried to bring an end to the MEK through brutal attacks. But the MEK members resisted Ashraf and defeated the regime. We see the same kind of spirit in the youth of Iran, who are resisting the regime. This shows how much the regime fears the power of the youth. They are the ones who are constituting the Resistance Units.”

Danish MP Uffe Elbaek

“There has been an ongoing struggle for freedom in Iran for the last 40 years. The work you are doing is very important. Keep up the spirit and the good work. We all have to stand up for democracy and human rights.”

Jonathan de Patoul, Member of the Brussels Francophone Parliament

“Millions of people in Iran are raising their voice for justice and freedom. We must support their desires and be their voice.”

Hoda Imad, central board member of AUF, deputy leader and education policy spokesperson in Viken AP

“The Iranian people demand basic human rights to express themselves without fear of persecution. That should not be too much to ask for. Iran’s youth should not be in jail and not know if they will survive the next day. It’s time for all of us to raise our voice in solidarity with the people of Iran. No one is free until everyone is free.”

Andrea Gavazza, Italian Mayor

“We hope to put an end to the tyranny of the Iranian regime. We express our solidarity and welcome the youth. They are our hope for change during times like these. During the pandemic, some regimes have been hiding information. We younger people are the key to this peaceful revolution.”

Mario Barbaro, Member of the General Council of the Italian Radical Party

“I support your fight for democracy, especially the democratic youth of Iran who is building the future of their country. Democracy will never be given as a gift and we must defend it. The November 2019 protests and all the people who lost their lives in the uprising show that you do not lack courage.”

Parsa Zolfaghari, member of the Iranian Youth Association in Switzerland 

“I left Iran nine years ago. I grew up in a family that supports the MEK. The regime always persecuted MEK supporters in Iran. The mullahs are always cracking down on support for MEK inside Iran. As I grew up, I understood that the MEK is the only fighters who are standing up against the regime.“

Pegah Jahanmiri of the Iranian youths in Germany

“We will never forget those who laid their lives for freedom. We support the protesters and the Resistance Units. The regime knows that while there are brave youths in Shiraz and other cities in Iran, it has no future. We will not stop calling for freedom. Resistance Units are symbols of freedom and the MEK’s fight for freedom. I am proud to say I am a supporter of the MEK.”

Maryam Khalaghdoost, from the Iranian youths in Austria

“I left Iran ten years ago because my family was being chased by the regime. In 2009, I was only 16 years old but was actively present in the protests. The 2019 uprising was very huge. The repression was much more brutal, but the regime could not stop the youth. The mullahs know what will happen to them in future uprisings. The people have made it clear that the mullahs have to go. I salute all MEK Resistance Units all across Iran.”

Vida Amani, of the Iranian youths in Switzerland 

“The youth made it clear that they are not satisfied with anything less than the overthrow of the regime. More uprisings are on the way and the regime is afraid. We tell the mullahs you are right to be afraid and you should fear even more. The regime has acknowledged that the youth are joining the (PMOI / MEK Iran) and the MEK Resistance Units. The regime knows it has no support in Iran.”

Samira Ardalan, of the Iranian Democratic Youths Association in Italy

“The people know what they want and those desires are symbolized in the PMOI. In the previous uprising, the people made it clear that they don’t buy into the regime’s moderation claims and want the overthrow of the regime. This regime has no future other than being overthrown. The mullahs’ own media are warning about a flood that will wash away the regime.”

Sara Ehsani, from the Iranian Youths Association in Norway

“I salute the youth who sacrificed their lives for freedom in the November 2019 uprising. The people protested the lack of freedom, jobs, livelihoods, and more. The uprising took over all of the countries. The mullahs responded with bullets. The youth resisted and sacrificed their lives for their struggle. The regime admitted that MEK Resistance Units, especially young women, played a leading role in the protests.”

Arezu Eshraghi, Director of the Iranian Women Association in the UK

“The people of Iran have made it clear that they want the overthrow of the regime. It’s not just the students. It is Iranians from all walks of life. It is not just Tehran. It is all across Iran. The regime’s old tactics no longer work. The only way they could stop the 2019 protests was through brutally gunning down protesters. The people want an Iran that is free of the tyranny of monarchists and the religious fascists.”

Aidin Saidian, from the Iranian Youths Association in the United States

“The key message of the November 2019 uprising was that the Iranian regime is on the verge of being overthrown. It is a backward regime. The regime spends millions of dollars to whitewash their crimes and to push the narrative that they are the only option. But the uprising showed how much the people reject the regime. The mullahs are afraid of the growing support for MEK inside Iran. This is an organization that is fighting for people’s rights.”

Maryam Sadeghpour, from the Iranian Women Association in Australia

“People across the globe are supporting the resistance against the fascist regime ruling Iran and the struggle for freedom in Iran. On the 32nd anniversary of the massacre of the 1988 massacre and the first anniversary of the 2019 protests, we pledge our support for all the people who have lost their loved ones and commit to continue our struggle for a bright future for the people of Iran.”

Ali Pahlavan, from the Iranian Community of Sweden

“The NCRI is the only alternative to bring democracy in Iran. It is capable of toppling the regime with the Resistance Units. It has a track record of economic independence. It has a national program with the separation of state and religion. They have international recognition. The NCRI has experienced leaders in Madam Maryam Rajavi and Mr. Massoud Rajavi. Long live in Iran.”

Fouad Eini, from the Iranian Community of Sweden

“The struggle of the MEK and NCRI has been a source of pride and inspiration in my life. The regime knows it is living on borrowed time and its countdown to collapse has started. Who is lending this regime borrowed time? Unfortunately, it is the European states. To European leaders, stop putting your heads in the sand and break your silence. I hope the Swedish government joins Madam Rajavi’s call for an investigation into the situation of political prisoners in Iran.”

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