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Iran Mullahs’ react to the new American strategy

US-Iran faceoffStop Fundamentalism, January 13 – Mullahs’ seem quite surprised about the change in the policy as if they never expected such change. 

A spokesman from the mullahs’ foreign ministry said Friday, "The increase in American military forces can help spread instability and insecurity in Iraq and will not help solve the problems in that country."

The spokesman expressed concern over the placement of patriot missiles in the region as the US president announced.

Iran Praises Maliki for Saddam Hussein execution

AhmadinejadStop Fundamentalism, January 03 – Ali Akbar Velayati, Iran’s former foreign minister and council to the supreme leader, praised Nuri Al-Maliki, for the execution of Iraq’s former president Saddam Hussein,Wednsday.

“Firmness on behalf of the government forced the Americans to give in to Iraqi demands and execute Saddam,” he said and while referring to a television broadcast of Maliki’s signing of the execution papers, he continued, “We see that President Maliki with complete firmness, signs the papers in front of the cameras. This shows his self confidence.”

Dollar falling sharp against Iraqi Dinar

Stop Fundamentalism, December 28 –Iraq’s Central Bank auctioned the Iraqi Dinar at 1325 per Dollar as Dinar was reportedly exchanged for 1337 in open market as exchange sources reported, Thursday.

Iran leader threatens neighboring Azerbaijan

iran nukeStop Fundamentalism, November 30 ? According to a report by Iran?s state-run daily Jomhouri Islami, on November 27, Ali Khamenei, Iran?s supreme leader has threatened Baku, reminding this neighboring country, situated to the north of times that it used to be a part of Iran.

?We remind Baku?s politicians that today the Islamic Republic of Iran is powerful enough to realize historical claims of the people,? said Khamanei to a crowd of military commanders in Tehran, ?We are now the major force in the region that even your master, the United States, fears.?

Iraqi Dinar reported higher against Dollar last week

Stop Fundamentalism.com, November 27 –Iraqi Dinar closed just below 1444 Dinars per Dollar today in Iraq exchange market.  This is a two Dinars rise from last weeks 1446 to 1447.

Since the introduction of new Iraqi Dinar, this currency has demonstrated a great potential in gaining value against Dollar.  Last month on this day Dinar was sold for around 1470 per Dollar.

Britain will fight off control of video clips provided on the Internet

Stop Fundamentalism, Nov 14 – Guardian reported Tuesday that the British government is set to fight off proposed European rules that would make it responsible for overseeing taste and decency in video clips on sites such as YouTube and MySpace.

Iranian asset freeze Extended

Stop Fundamentalism, Nov 13 – AFP reported that President George W. Bush on Thursday extended by another year a freeze of Iranian government assets in the United States.  The Freeze has been in place since the 1979 Islamic revolution.

Iranian able to produce 2 atom bombs a year

Radio Farda, Nov 10 – The Reuters news agency, citing nuclear experts said: “When the heavy water reactor of Arak is completed, the Iranian regime will be able to get enough plutonium to produce 2 atomic bombs every year.”

Iran military and Security forces staged maneuvers – definit show of fear of internal unrest

Stop Fundamentalism, Nov 13 – Quassem Mollaii, commander of Tehran’s Basij force declared a series of maneuvers in the 10 regions of the province. These maneuvers that began on November 9 will continue for 9 days. 

In the city of Gachsaran [Khuzestan province], Moussavi said: “This maneuver is to continue for 10 days and will include confronting unrests and defending streets.”

Security Council sanctions has Iranian officials worried

Stop Fundamentalism, Nov 13 – Iranian top officials express concern over imminent sanctions against Iran in the UN Security Council.

“If the current draft resolution is ratified by the Security Council, Iran will reconsider its cooperation with the IAEA,” said Ali Larijani, Iranian nuclear negotiator.

Dariush Qanbari, member of Parliament’s Security Commission stated, “The wording of the resolution does not indicate limited sanctions and the Americans have imposed their will in this draft.”