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Iran women against mullah’s misogyny

Women Demonstrations

The striking was the use of the new women police force in this crackdown.

Mullahs ruling Iran have once again put to display their detestable and misogynist face by cracking down on Monday’s gathering of women in Tehran.  The striking was the use of the new women police force in this crackdown.

Some reports indicate that the police used red paint during the demonstration to mark all protestors.  This way they managed to arrest a bigger number of protestors comparing to other demonstrations.

Security Forces in Tehran have attacked the houses of some of the demonstrator science and taken many of the protestors into their custody. 

The brave women participating in the demonstration chanted “Put an end to misogyny.”  There were also chants of “freedom, freedom”, “we are human beings but have no rights”, and “we want equal rights.”

Reports indicate that hundreds of men also took part in the protest supporting the women demonstrators.

Iran mullahs’ nukes and veils

Mullah's nukesNowadays, if a government tries to acquire nuclear weapons, it maybe labeled as a warmonger.  You could say that such a government is trying to enter the world powers club and to gain the upper hand in the international balance of political power. 

But what if such a regime is at the same time arresting women in the streets for malveiling?

If nukes are good, then such a regime would have to accept the culture that comes with it and advance technologically in all fields. 

It would be odd to witness factories closing down one by one in a country and thousands of professionals, doctors and engineers leaving the country due to economic reasons and at the same time see advancement in nuclear technology.

Iran Azeris crackdown continue

Iran Azeris uprisingStop Fundamentalism – Two weeks after the uprisings in the four Azeri speaking provinces in northwestern Iran, a violent crackdown and torture of those arrested, especially the students, continue.

A recent report indicated that an 80-year-old man by the name of Eivaz Sayyadi, who was wounded during one of the demonstrations by the security forces, died in hospital.  The killing of an 80-year-old man sets a new precedence unseen in many countries controlled by dictators.

What is noteworthy is that the Intelligence Ministry has told the family of the victim not to announce the death of the old man and limit the burial ceremony to close family and friends only.

Due to the extent of the crackdown and the complete censorship of the news about the uprising, the number of those killed or injured during the demonstrations is still unknown. 

Iran Rafsanjani: A Historic Satire

Ali Akbar Hashemi RafsanjaniThe humiliation of Ali Akbar Rafsanjani, the head of the Expediency Council and former President of the mullahs’ regime, during a speech in the holy city of Qom on June 3 once again underscored the depth of internal crisis the ruling theocracy in Iran is facing.

Chants of “down with Rafsanjani” by those attending his speech which was being aired live on state-run television sounded the bells for a dictatorship on its deathbed.

Mullah Rafsanjani’s face at the event was quite a sight.  With all the “capacity” of impudence and obscenity he holds for himself, he had lost control and it seemed as if he did not expect to be isolated by those who used to call him the “foundation of the regime” and the “man of war” before the fall of the mullahs’ regime.

Who is Rafsanjani?  He was the man who at the time of Iran-Iraq war, Khomeini – the founder of Islamic Republic – assigned to be the commander in chief of all Iranian military forces, while the current Supreme Leader of Iran, Ali Khamenei, was president. The post clearly put him at an advantage and made him the number one man in the Islamic Republic at the time.

The day after the death of Khomeini, Rafsanjani approved Ali Khamenei – whose credentials in the ranks of clergy are still below many others after all these years – the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic over night. 

Iran to stage a coup in Iraq – Sunni scholar

Stop Fundamentalism – According to a report by Al-Qods Al-Arabi on May 29 Al-Qobaissi a member of the Board of Muslim Scholars said that, "Every one knows what Iran is doing in Iraq: destabilization. Iran’s presence in Iraq has turned into a concrete reality. Iran wants to launch a coup in Iraq through killing, forced displacement of people and by using other instruments." 

A political commentator of Al-Jazeera TV, Leqaa Makki, said on May 30, "Violence has been rampant in Basra since three years ago. Previously, this used to be the killing of the elite. They killed the elite in all fields, those who opposed the Iranian presence in Basra or the Iranian groups or Iran loyalists in Iraq."

What is noteworthy is the improvement of the financial situation of some of the militias after the bombing in Samarra.  It is due to financial aid from Iran given to the leaders of these militia groups.

Will Iran take the offer?

iran nuclearNima Sharif
Apparently, the State Department has come up with a suggestion to join its European allies in talks with Iran in order to rectify the “nuclear situation diplomatically.” 

The Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, in her statement suggested that US would join the talks provided Iran “stopped enriching uranium.”

The mullahs’ have officially declined.

The advocates of appeasement policy are still trying to make pretence that the mullahs are prone to negotiations.  They say that if the mullahs were just a little flexible, there would have been no need to refer matters to the Security Council. 

Delegation warns against dangers of Iranian interventions in Iraq

Stop Fundamentalism – A Darussalam newspaper associated with the Islamic Party of Iraq reported on May 28 that Shiekh Khalaf Al-Olyan, member of Iraqi Accord Front said a delegation from this front met Friday with Manouchehr Mottaki, the visiting Iranian Foreign Minister, and warned him against the dangers of continuation of Iranian interventions in Iraqi affairs.

In a press release issued Saturday, Al-Olyan said a delegation from the Accord Front of Iraq explained about Iran’s flagrant interventions in Iraqi affairs and its negative impact on the security and stability of Iraq to the Iranian minister.

"At the same time, the issue of explosions carried out by Iranian-backed militias in Iraq who target Iraqi citizens was also brought to the attention of the Iranian minister because a number of them have been arrested by the American forces," said Al-Olyan.

Iran allocates billion-dollar monthly budget to recruit Iraqi political groups

ImageStop Fundamentalism – A local daily, Az-Zaman, reported on, May 25 that Iraqi political leaders based in London turned down Tehran’s mediation request for talks with different Iraqi groups due to Iran’s ambiguous intentions.

The leaders said the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had introduced a secret article to Iran’s budget bill, allocating some one billion dollars for assistance to Iraqi parties and groups. A former Revolutionary Guards officer by the name of Ja’afari has been assigned to oversee the distribution of the funds.

Iran has been accused of meddling in its neighboring country by many political groups and the coalition forces in Iraq. 

Another Iranian-run dungeon discovered in Basra

Iraq picture prisonStop Fundamentalism, May 23 – Al_jazeera newspaper in Saudi Arabia reported that another torture chamber run the Iranian ministry of Intelligence has been discovered in Basra, Iraq.

According to this newspaper, in this prison, various forms of physical and psychological tortures are practiced on the prisoners.

Although the prison is affiliated with the Interior Ministry of Iraq, but the main operators are people tied to the Iranian regime’s Ministry of Intelligence. The managers of this prison use Iraqi pseudonyms and speak Arabic, but it is completely clear from their accents that they are Iranians.

The report further goes into details about the people running the prison and exposes their affiliation with various Iranian intelligence and military organizations and entities. 

Iran clashes leave six dead and many wounded

iran protestResidents in Azerbaijan, and Ardebil provinces storm government buildings

Stop Fundamentalism, May 26 – In the fifth consecutive day of riots in the Azeri speaking provinces, yesterday thousands of demonstrators took to the streets of Iran’s north-western cities staging anti-government demonstrations.

In an attempt to stop the demonstrations from spreading, anti-riot units opened fire into the crowd, killing six demonstrators and wounding dozens of others.

The riots started when a state-run daily “Iran” published a cartoon insulting Iran’s Azeri speaking people.  According to some reports, about 27 percent of Iranians speak Azeri.