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Iran: Another political prisoner in danger of execution


Valiollah Feiz-Mahdavi

Stop Fundamentalism, May 24 – Mr. Valiollah Feiz-Mahdavi, a 28 year old, long time political prisoner, has disappeared from the Gohar-Dasht prison near Karaj in Iran, internal human rights activists from Iran report. 

The guards have reportedly removed Mahdavi from his cell taking him to an known place.  When faced with his cellmates asking about his whereabouts, the guards answer that he was taken to the section 5 where the other political prisoners are kept.

After many hours passed, Mr. Mahdavi has not been transferred to section 5 yet and no one know about his situation.

Tribes to counter Iranian infiltration in Iraq

Iran Iraq boarderStop Fundamentalism – According to Al-Arab Al-Yawm a Jordanian daily, while kidnapping, murder and torture of nationalist and tribal personalities is on the rise, Iraq’s southern cities experience a security tension and pressure.

This situation has forced leaders of Arab tribes in Basra and vicinity to form a popular force affiliated with tribes of southern Iraq to counter foreign infiltration.

Fund set up to ‘demolish’ Israel

Stop Fundamentalism – A group of Iranian militias announced Sunday that they were “setting up a fund to demolish Israel.” The announcement took place at an event attended by a high-ranking member of the elite Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

Although the initiative’s name, "The Student Fund for Demolishing Israel," brings to mind President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s call last year to destroy the Jewish state, an organizer said its goal was to support the cash-strapped Palestinian government.

Iranian missiles and mines at the hands of proxy groups in Iraq

Stop Fundamentalism – The Iraqi daily Al-Etjah El-Akhar reported on May 15, that the British Department of Military Intelligence in southern Iraq has repeatedly revealed images and interrogations of some small armed Shiite groups directly tied to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards or the Ministry of Intelligence.

The reports indicate that the Iranian regime has supplied these groups with hundreds of tons of weapons including a large volume of surface-to-air and surface-to-surface missiles and anti-vehicle mines which are the most advanced type in the Iranian regime’s arsenal.  The weapons come across the Iranian boarder with Iraq.

EU regrets Iran regime’s non-compliance

Iran human rightsStop Fundamentalism, Strasbourg, May 16 – The Council of the European Union adopted conclusions on Iran following its meeting on Monday, May 15.

The Council expressed deep regrets for the failure of the Iranian regime to take the steps deemed essential by the IAEA Board and the UN Security Council as well as their threats to maintain this failure into the future.

Parliamentarians and political experts call for firm action against Iran

iran nuclearStop Fundamentalism – Italy’s Il Foglio reported on May 13 that hundreds of parliamentarians and political experts in Euorpe have signed and international call for the West to take firm actioin against Iran’s support of terrorism.

In their statement the Parliamenterians and experts warn, “Through intimidation and terror, the Iranian regime is changing the shape of the world community’s daily life and the West does not show any reaction.”

“Concerned about the problems of adopting a correct and firm policy, the International Community hides itself behind minor technicalities,” the signatories further comment and add, “After three years of futile negotiations, diplomacy continues to pursue the same carrots and sticks approach, in the hope that this storm would finally come to an end.  Some even try to calm the Iranian regime’s savagery by offering it "lucrative deals."

The signatories express their deep concerns about, “A lucrative deal!” and stress, “As if the Tehran Mullahs could ever become a trustworthy partner or any partner at all.”

The statement highlights the importance of hearing the voice of Iranian people, “At the same the call by majority of Iranians is extremely silenced and forgotten and victimized by the so-called real politics. For the so-called pragmatists, human rights and democracy for Iranians is a romantic wish that could be a function of realities of political power… “

Ahmadinejad: Iran keeps gold, doesn’t want chocolate!

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Ahmadinejad: Iran keeps gold, doesn’t want chocolate!

Stop Fundamentalism – If the Iranian mullahs could get along with the international community, the regime would have never turned into an anomaly for the West as it has right now.

The reactions you see from the mullahs to the European Foreign Ministers meeting is a reflection of this reality.

As the ministers were meeting in Brussels, Mottaki, Iran’s Foreign Minister was meeting with the ambassadors of France, Briton, and Germany in Tehran and was presenting them the “Islamic Republic’s expectations.” 

Mottaki, rejected European demands in advance and said, “Any call for suspension, is illogical and unacceptable and would undoubtedly be rejected.” He adds, “The new European package should include recognition of Iran’s nuclear rights.”

After the release and publication of the European Union statement that stressed on suspension of enrichment and research, Asefi, the spokesperson for Iran’s Foreign Ministry, called the statement “irresponsible” and the incentives offered, a “unacceptable.”  He continued that “the Islamic Republic is determined to get its rights. “

Iran MP reports of nuclear progress

Iran Natanz

Activities continue in Nataz nuclear site

Stop Fundamentalism – While the world community is looking for ways to stop Iran’s advancement in nuclear projects, a Member of Parliament of mullahs’ reported of progress in nuclear projects and insisted on its continuation despite calls from international community.

Falahat-Pishe, a member of Securities and Policies Committee of the Mullahs’ Parliament, emphasized the active status of the 164 Centrifuge Cascades in enriching uranium in Naranz facilities and said, “Iran is ready to startup more cascades and undoubtedly in the near future there will be more news on Iran’s advancements in the nuclear field.”

“The progress in the nuclear field is enormous and we should all be thankful,” Falahat-Pishe said to the news media while visiting Natanz nuclear site.

Time for West to get tough with Tehran mullahs

The Scotsman, May 13, by Lord Frazer — Engagement, sometimes described as "appeasement", was of course doomed to failure, for it rested on two fundamental misconceptions: First, that Iran’s regime is capable of and willing, to moderate. Second, that Iran’s regime could be persuaded to abandon its nuclear program. This wrong headed approach has now plunged the world into the current international crisis.

I was an early enthusiast of dialogue and engagement with Tehran, but have long repented. Engagement has failed miserably and brought us to the brink of a potentially devastating war.

However, war is not the answer and nor is a continuation of the status quo. Instead, the solution to the mullahs’ threat to world peace and stability rests firmly in the hands of the Iranian people and their main opposition.

Iran gives military support to al-Qaeda

Iraq iran SAM-7Stop Fundamentalism – Al-Zaman daily reported on May 13 that Iran’s Iran has provided the al-Qaeda in Iraq with some advanced weapons including anti-aircraft missiles.

Iraqi sources revealed that the Iran’s Revolutionary Guards had given al-Qaeda in Iraq, Strela-type SAM-7 surface-to-air missiles, modern explosives, and a large number of personnel arms including Kalashnikovs and BKC machineguns.

Al-Qaeda in Iraq is believed to be led by Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi, who is on the United States’ wanted list.

The report reveals that representatives of Al-Zarqawi’s group met in Beirut with members of the Iran-backed Lebanese group Hezbollah and through them established channels with Tehran.

Three close aides to Al-Zarqawi traveled to Iran via a security checkpoint in the Iraqi border province of Al-Amara from where they met with Iranian officials.