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From the very first days of inception, the Iranian regime under the leadership of Ayatollah Khomeini, clearly and repeatedly expressed intentions to expand and spread its fundamentalist rule throughout the region.

Before the opportunity in Iraq arose, the Iranian regime had been secretly developing its nuclear program for 18 years. After the war in Iraq, the mullahs faced an opportunity of a lifetime. The void of power in Iraq was an open invitation for the mullahs to realize their lifetime dream of an Islamic Empire.

But mullahs with an atomic bomb and having achieved control in Iraq will never stop there as we can already see the disastrous developments in Lebanon, Syria, and Gaza Strip. Iraq is only the beginning. If the mullahs manage to gain control in Iraq, the whole region will flare up and soon we’ll all have to face a devastating war even bigger than the World War II.

Confronting the Islamic Republic, the West finds itself with no options. It either has to go to war right now or accept defeat and pullout of Iraq only to face a bigger war shortly after.

But there is a peaceful solution. The solution lie’s in the hands of the Iranian people who strive for a democratic change.

Please help us advance the cause of peace and democracy in Iran and the Middle East. Link to us and let your viewers hear the voices of the Iranian people determined to bring about a democratic change in that country and save the world from a devastating war that could be in the horizons.

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The Iran Threat – Book reveals inner workings and plans of Iran mullahs

Finally a long awaited comprehensive book has been published by the man who the Iranian regime holds responsible for revealing its clandestine nuclear program to the world.

Alireza Jafarzadeh, a terrorism expert, Middle East analyst, and Fox News Channel Foreign Affairs Analyst, is the controversial expert who brought Iran’s nuclear program to the attention of the world in 2002

In his book, “The Iran Threat,” he reveals new details on Iran’s meddling in Iraq and its broader goals for the future of the Middle East. This is the most authoritative account to date of the looming threat Iran poses to the United States and the Gulf region.

With his access to dissident groups inside Iran, Alireza Jafarzadeh traces President Ahmadinejad’s radical roots and involvement in terror attacks to his impact on Iran’s weapons program.

President Bush’s speech on Iraq’s new strategy – full text

President BushThe following is the full text of speech delivered on Wednesday by President George W. Bush in which he outlined his strategy for dealing with Iraq’s security crisis:

Good evening. Tonight in Iraq, the Armed Forces of the United States are engaged in a struggle that will determine the direction of the global war on terror — and our safety here at home. The new strategy I outline tonight will change America’s course in Iraq, and help us succeed in the fight against terror.

When I addressed you just over a year ago, nearly 12 million Iraqis had cast their ballots for a unified and democratic nation. The elections of 2005 were a stunning achievement. We thought that these elections would bring the Iraqis together, and that as we trained Iraqi security forces we could accomplish our mission with fewer American troops.

Ahmadinejad reacts to new American strategy in Iraq

Iran Ahmadinejad

Stop Fundamentalism, January 14, 2007 – Following the announcement of the change in American strategy in Iraq by President George W. Bush, Iran’s president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said, "It was expected that after they had noticed their mistakes, they move to correct their illegal and un-ethical actions.  Unfortunately, it seems that the process of making wrongful decisions continues."

The new strategy realizes Iran’s activity in Iraq after the American lead war there as unproductive and that Iran has been trying to flare up sectarian war in that country in order to make American forces to leave the country and gain hegemony in the region.

Ahmadinejad who was speaking at his cabinet meeting, continued, "Any policy that fails to consider the people of Iraq, will fail even if it is presented in a new packaging and new words."

Iran Mullahs’ react to the new American strategy

US-Iran faceoffStop Fundamentalism, January 13 – Mullahs’ seem quite surprised about the change in the policy as if they never expected such change. 

A spokesman from the mullahs’ foreign ministry said Friday, "The increase in American military forces can help spread instability and insecurity in Iraq and will not help solve the problems in that country."

The spokesman expressed concern over the placement of patriot missiles in the region as the US president announced.

Iran Praises Maliki for Saddam Hussein execution

AhmadinejadStop Fundamentalism, January 03 – Ali Akbar Velayati, Iran’s former foreign minister and council to the supreme leader, praised Nuri Al-Maliki, for the execution of Iraq’s former president Saddam Hussein,Wednsday.

“Firmness on behalf of the government forced the Americans to give in to Iraqi demands and execute Saddam,” he said and while referring to a television broadcast of Maliki’s signing of the execution papers, he continued, “We see that President Maliki with complete firmness, signs the papers in front of the cameras. This shows his self confidence.”

Dollar falling sharp against Iraqi Dinar

Stop Fundamentalism, December 28 –Iraq’s Central Bank auctioned the Iraqi Dinar at 1325 per Dollar as Dinar was reportedly exchanged for 1337 in open market as exchange sources reported, Thursday.

Iran leader threatens neighboring Azerbaijan

iran nukeStop Fundamentalism, November 30 ? According to a report by Iran?s state-run daily Jomhouri Islami, on November 27, Ali Khamenei, Iran?s supreme leader has threatened Baku, reminding this neighboring country, situated to the north of times that it used to be a part of Iran.

?We remind Baku?s politicians that today the Islamic Republic of Iran is powerful enough to realize historical claims of the people,? said Khamanei to a crowd of military commanders in Tehran, ?We are now the major force in the region that even your master, the United States, fears.?

Iraqi Dinar reported higher against Dollar last week

Stop Fundamentalism.com, November 27 –Iraqi Dinar closed just below 1444 Dinars per Dollar today in Iraq exchange market.  This is a two Dinars rise from last weeks 1446 to 1447.

Since the introduction of new Iraqi Dinar, this currency has demonstrated a great potential in gaining value against Dollar.  Last month on this day Dinar was sold for around 1470 per Dollar.

Britain will fight off control of video clips provided on the Internet

Stop Fundamentalism, Nov 14 – Guardian reported Tuesday that the British government is set to fight off proposed European rules that would make it responsible for overseeing taste and decency in video clips on sites such as YouTube and MySpace.