Thursday August 24, 2017

Former State Department Officials Urge Delisting of MEK

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Amir Naderi

Washington - In recent months, with anticipation of a decision by Secretary Hillary Clinton about the lifting of the unfounded terrorist designation from Iran’s democratic opposition Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK), a number of former senior officials of the State Department, from both Republican and Democratic administrations, have gone on the record to call for an objective review of the designation based on facts and devoid of customary ill-advised foreign policy considerations designed to send conciliatory signals to Tehran.


Iran Discover’s Anti-Religious Social Network Connected to Foreign Embassies

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Stop Fundamentalism, 20 August 2011 – Its all about destruction of things with the Mullahs’ regime it seems; this time on the internet.

Following setbacks on Iran’s plan to prevent people from having access to free internet and its failure in filtering the medium, now it seems Iran is looking for some way of showing a little mussel on the internet. 

According to state-run news agencies, regime’s ministry of Intelligence has now found and destroyed what it describes as an anti-religious network on the internet. 


State Department should remove Mujahedin-e Khalq MeK Terror Tag

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Reza Fard

Developments in the Middle East and North Africa, widely described as Arab Spring, highlight a missing key element that in order to remove a tyrant people of a country need and that is a viable opposition movement to set out the plan for overthrow and the future of their countries.

Despite widespread protests and international support for uprisings in Syria and Libya, the dictators are still resisting and holding on to power. For most part it is because they have done their homework well to crackdown on their opposition and employ the Iranian agents’ many years of experience on how to crackdown on their people.


The Strong Case for Removal of the MEK of the FTO List

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Dr. Sharam Taromsari

By now, it should no longer be necessary to rehearse the evidence as to the danger Iran represents to Western interests. Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons, its violence in Iraq and elsewhere, and its sponsorship of terrorism (even conspiring with al-Qaeda) are all well-documented, not least by the US government.

While Libya and Syria are rightly condemned for profound abuses of their citizens, there seems to be silence from Western governments on Iran, with the main opposition group remaining on the State Department’s terrorist list and denied US protection in Iraq. While it is important for democratic politics and the human rights of those who must live under such regimes that there is honesty about the foreign policy choices that the West is making, let us stick with realpolitik and focus firmly upon US foreign policy interests.


NIAC Moves to Block De-listing of Iranian Resistance

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Alex Jeferson

In recent weeks, the Iranian regime’s elusive and well-funded lobbying machine in Washington has been focusing exclusively on smearing and discrediting the main Iranian opposition. The so-called National Iranian American Council (NIAC), and its founder Trita Parsi, have been lobbying desperately to prevent what the Iranian regime fears the most: The removal of the largest and best organized Iranian opposition, the Mujahedin-e Khalq (PMOI/MEK), from the State Department’s list of terrorist organizations.

NIAC’s campaign includes dozens of roughly identical opinion pieces and articles published under different names, as well as dedicated web pages, YouTube videos, petitions, letters to legislators, seminars, webinars, and tweets. All of them bear the following message for Washington: Do not delist the MEK.

That message has clearly been one of the main demands of the Iranian regime. In fact, when the MEK was first designated in 1997, U.S. officials acknowledged that the “goodwill gesture,” was in response to Iranian regime demands to facilitate dialogue with Tehran.


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